Use Blogs To Reach Your Target Customers

Running a blog is an excellent strategy to help communicate with your customers and increase your search engine page rankings. If you have any type of online presence a blog is necessary, but there are other ways to put the power of blogs to work for you – and not just your own blog. Other blogs can be even more effective in achieving certain goals than your own blog does.

Of course, the blog must deal with the same thing as your business, or a directly related field. The idea is simple; add content to their blog through a guest post. This guest post must deal with the blogs normal subject, and it must not be promotional at all. Your company will be linked in the author’s bio, but it should not be a traditional sales pitch. You will want the post to be, first of all, interesting and informative to the blogs’ readers.

And, you want to bring customers to you. This strategy works because you are giving your expertise and opinion on whatever you are writing about to the reader of the blog. If you sell air brush painting supplies and write an article on a model train blog about painting and restoring model trains, the readers are very likely to visit your store. You will have proven your value and expertise in an open, non-promotional fashion. The reason this works so well, and has such a high ROI is the fact that it is an open cooperation which brings value to everyone.

This will increase your standing in the community as well as widening the range of people who know about your services, and when those people come to you they have a much higher likelihood of becoming a paying customer.

Writing the blog post and finding and trying to get everything working together can pose a problem for many business owners, though. Writing is a skill in itself, and the way the strategy is implemented is not widely known by people outside the SEO and internet industries.

That is why it is usually an excellent idea to get a professional company to do this for you. There are SEO services which will supply a turnkey guest blogging service.

The most important part is to get the writing spot on. This is one of the big advantages of working with a group of professionals. They will have a wide array of writers available, able to address any subject with authority. You can work as closely with the writing staff as you want, giving detailed bullet points of information to be included in the guest post, or let them write a piece on their own.

Either way, you will always have full power to approve the guest post as it is, or make changes to it. Once this first, crucial part of the job is done, the next section comes into play. By this time the other sections of the team will have identified the best blogs to submit guest posts to. After the writing is done, they will begin contacting those blogs with the idea of guest blogging. This step is another reason why the writing is crucial.

The pieces fit together like a puzzle when done properly; they have a high ROI, bring high value customers to your website, and increase your search engine rankings in an approved manner. In the end, everyone wins with this important strategy.

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    I’ve even gone so far as to stop making websites and now concentrate on building blogs as not only do I receive more traffic through them but they also rank in search engines a lot quicker. :)

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