Tuesday is the Clickday

A recent study from Infolinks revealed that a publisher gets the maximum number of clicks on Tuesday out of any other day of the week followed by Wednesday, Monday and Thursday. Saturdays tends to get more clicks than Friday and Sunday being the least click day out of all the days in a week.

Where these data came from?
Infolinks, the leading network in In-Text Advertising conducted a study during the entire 12 months in the year 2010 within the database of over 40,000 websites in their network and analyzed data spanning over the year to conclude.

Click Metric

The Conclusion
The results for early weekdays are possibly connected with the “midweek slump” many people experience. Maybe this phenomenon actually attracts people to take time out to visit blogs and websites, which may in turn result in a response to online ads. Nevertheless, we can be sure that there is a sure spike in activity during these days.

Whereas, in weekends, people take a break from the rush in weekdays. Probably they go out on a vacation or just hibernate from the online world and consequently click less on ads online. This same trend can also be seen on holidays when webmasters experience less traffic and clicks.

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  1. says

    I am still into only AdSense – once tried Kontera – but without success. 
    In AdSense – my most clickable day seems to be Sunday as my blog is related to exercise,fitness, health and nutrition.
    May be the theme/niche of a site is also important in bringing in clickers!

  2. says

    It is a known trend that traffic dips at the weekend and begins to spike late Monday’s and Tuesday. It is what is reflected on info-links findings.

  3. says

    Very interesting. Bloggers, be sure to post more new content on Monday and Tuesday mornings. I’d also be interested in seeing a “relative total revenue per day” metric of top blogs, but that may be quite difficult to put together.

  4. says

    Monday is the day when you have to catchup after the weekend… Thursday and Friday you have to work more to compensate the time you browsed websites on Tuesday and Wednesday, that makes sense :)

  5. says

    This is very true as on most weeks, Adsense reports also show the highest earnings on Tuesday. I think the reason you posted makes sense as people are indeed more likely to get on blogs/sites mid-week than later on in the weekend.

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