Speed Up WordPress Blog using xCache

xCache is one of the most used opcode cacher and it can be used to speed up your wordpress blog. It also reduces the server load and effectively increase page load speed.

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To start with, you should check if xCache is already installed on your server. Create a new php file with the below code in it and upload it on your server. Now call it from your browser and if there are any xcache block available, you have it already installed.

<? php phpinfo();  ?>

If not, you must install xCache on your Linux dedicated server. If you are on VPS or Shared Hosting, you need to ask your webhost to do it for you. Alter the settings for xcache in php.ini to match your server. Changing the values of xcache.size and xcache.var_size to something 50M and 10M will be suffice.

When everything is done, backup your database and files in case of any emergency. Now go to the xCache for WordPress page and download the plugin. It’s not actually a plugin, it’s a php file which force the server to deliver the content from cache. Extract the zip file on your local computer and open it with text editor. There should be a single php file named “object-cache.php“. Change the xcache admin user and password if you used any in php.ini.

Now, restart the Apache server and see the increment of the page load speed.

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