SEO Tips for your Pinterest Business Page

When it comes to internet marketing, there is no dearth of platforms available online for you to effectively promote your business and increase its visibility. Popular social media networks like Facebook and Google Plus have all opened their doors to allow businesses to create their own pages. And now it’s Pinterest’s turn. This social networking website largely based on image sharing recently introduced its new Pinterest Business Profile Pages.

The highly popular social network has so far been extremely popular among digital scrap booking aficionados who love ‘pinning’ their favorite images onto different boards and sharing their interests with other like minded members. But now it is also open for businesses to leverage its immense popularity to further their brands and develop a community of loyal followers from amongst millions of active Pinterest users all over the world.

Why Have a Pinterest Business Page?

While it may have started out as more of a hobby website for collectors, Pinterest has gradually become an important social media tool and gained recognition as a powerful platform that is here to stay. Its distinctive model of letting users share images on a board or collaborate with other members and create unique collections of pictures has capabilities that can be molded for the needs of innovative businesses.

At the moment, Pinterest doesn’t offer much by way of additional features for its new business profile pages. The range of options available to create personal and business account on Pinterest are pretty much the same. But that’s good news, especially for businesses that held personal Pinterest accounts earlier. They can easily switch to a business page and Pinterest promises to notify them as soon as any updates are made. As for businesses that still don’t have a presence on Pinterest, not another minute should be spent in not profiting from this social network.

Pinterest Business Page

Here are some SEO tips to get you started.

Optimize Your Brand’s Username

The way Pinterest personal account users provide their first and last names in order to get registered, business accounts get to use their company’s or brand’s name as the username. The catch here is that the character limit assigned to each username is 15 characters. You could simply use your company name as your username but it may or may not fit.

In case it doesn’t, there’s no need to despair as you can still create a catchy username that should be directly relevant to your brand. In fact, you can channel search engine traffic towards you by setting a username that contains critical keywords. Your business’s name prominently featuring on a widely popular and trendy social network like Pinterest will provide a great boost to its own reputation.

Utilize Pinterest’s Website Verification Feature

On setting up a new business account with Pinterest, companies have to provide the name of their website for verification purposes. This feature is a SEO blessing in disguise that gives businesses a remarkable chance at increase their standing in front of customers. When you will verify your account by providing your website’s name on Pinterest, not only will your domain name be visible in your profile and Pinterest search results but a small red checkmark will also appear next to the URL which can give authority and credibility to your brand.

Insert Keywords in the ‘About’ Section

Pinterest gives your business page the chance to have a dedicated ‘About’ section that you can optimize for SEO purposes. The character limit for this section is 200 but that’s perfect since an ideal ‘About’ section should be concise and to the point. Briefly describe your company, its brand image and goals. But take care to embed important keywords in that description for improved visibility on search engine result pages.

Embed Pinterest Buttons on Your Company Website

Pinterest offers many different widgets and buttons for business page owners to embed on their company website. Place the “Follow” button on your main website so that visitors who like your content can follow you on Pinterest. The “Pin It” button can be used by visitors to pin specific content they like on your website to their Pinterest board. The “Profile” widget lets you display a collection of your pins and visitors can go to your Pinterest page through it.

Search engines like Google and Bing greatly favor popular platforms such as Pinterest giving you a much greater chance of increased visibility and higher rankings on search engine result pages. Whether you’re a brand new Pinterest user or one making the transition from a personal to a business page, you will surely find these suggestions highly effective and helpful in getting the most out of Pinterest to further your business.

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  1. Andrew Kelly says

    Hey, is it correct that if we share a photo on Pinterest then they can use our pictures in their ads without our consent?

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