How To Use Dashicons in WordPress Themes (Frontend)


Since the release of WordPress 3.8, Dashicons are now an integral part of WordPress core. It is being used to replace all those sloppy sprite images used on Admin dashboard. The dashboard now look lot cooler and loads lot faster with Dashicons. Though the Dashicons are added to revamp the Admin part, it can also be used on a WordPress themes (frontend) with almost no (or little) extra load added to the theme. Here is how to use Dashicons in WordPress themes or plugins. Dashicons in WordPress … [Read more...]

4 Tips To Be A Better Blogger

4 tips to be a better blogger

You got to admit that blogging is super easy. If it’s not, then there wouldn’t be millions of blogs out there in the internet. Right, right? But the fact is about 70% of them are dead. Yes, they are the blogs that no one reads, not even the search engine spiders. And then there are about 10% of blogs read only by friends and families. Out of the rest, only a handful of people are successfully running their blogs that gets read by thousands of people every day. We call them the real … [Read more...]

Enable Custom Excerpt Support In Static WordPress Pages


Content excerpt is one of the highly used WordPress function to display an automatically generated or a custom summery of the content. Depending on the design of the theme, excerpts are shown in home page, archive pages (like categories, tags, date and search) and many other places where full content in not expected. However, custom excerpts are only available to posts in WordPress out of the box. WordPress provides no default option to add custom excerpts to static pages, not even from Screen … [Read more...]

The End of Guest Blogging – Whitehat Turned Blackhat

end of guest blogging

Guest Blogging for SEO and Link Building is no more an accepted policy for Google, announced by Matt Cutts putting the final nail to the coffin. While he warned people and agencies who do a lot of low quality guest blogging to get backlinks, he also said that the scope is still open for those who are into guest blogging for exposure, building a brand or just trying to reach a broader audience. This is all about people offering guest blogging as the link building technique. With more and more … [Read more...]

How To Secure WordPress Using SSL

secure wordpress using ssl

Securing WordPress login page or the entire Admin section is easy, all you have to have a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificated installed on your server and configure (or force) WordPress to use HTTPS on demand. Here is a guide on how you can secure WordPress using SSL, either only the Login page or the entire WordPress Admin area. Here are two minimum requirements to secure WordPress using SSL: A dedicated IP Address SSL Certificate installed and configured to work on your … [Read more...]

Custom Post Types in Activity Dashboard Widget

CustomPostTypes in Activity Dashboard Widget

WordPress 3.8 brought so many changes and new things in admin section and one of them is the new “Activity” dashboard widget. It shows the latest scheduled and published posts as well as latest comments for quick reference. Nice addition indeed. While working on custom post type for one of my clients, he asked me to include latest posts from the custom post type in the Activity widget. Thus the research started. After digging some core codes, I found no filter to modify the loop that returns … [Read more...]