New Google Adsense Interface

Google Adsense version 3.0, the new user interface for Google Adsense is now open for general publishers. It is still in beta stage, but you can access it here (Or, just click on the red Try the new AdSense interface beta above your publisher ID after logging in your adsense account).

The new interface was announced in last year’s November. It was a beta release closed to a few chosen publishers and finally one year later they opened it for us, the general Google Adsense publishers.

new adsense v3

Adsense v3

The new Google Adsense interface looks somewhat similar to their new Feedburner interface with some added features. The new Google Adsense interface is full with graphs to track your earnings over time. The new landing page shows “Today’s Estimated Earnings”, “Estimated Unpaid Earnings”, “Last Payment Details” as well as full earning details of last 7 days. The full earning details periods can be set for Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, Last Month and Current Month.

There are many new features added in the new interface. Such as Graphs, Performance Data, Advertisement Control, Category Blocking, Improved Ad Review Center and many more..

Redesigned interface helps you find what you are looking for and complete tasks quickly and easily. You can now run detailed performance reports by ad type, ad size, ad unit, targeting type, and bid type for total earnings and other metrics, over a custom date range. You can also drill down into those reports to view new reports for just one or multiple elements, like channels, ad units, or products.

You can find all ad controls, including advertiser site, category, and ad network blocking as well as the Ad review center on the Allow & block ads tab. Also, you can block categories of ads, such as politics, religion, and dating ads from showing up on your site. Which means, improved competitive ad filter.

I am using the new interface since last week and have not explored it fully yet. It is loaded with so much of features that it might take more than a week for me to check all the new things.

Checkout the 3:14 minutes video tour to get a glimpse of whats inside of new Google Adsense interface..

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