Link Building Strategies for Effective Website Promotion

If you are looking to amplify the value of your SEO in promoting your websites, link building is the way that can make it happen. Link building is a process of achieving high ranking with the search engines and high traffic by establishing relevant, inbound links to your websites. It can benefit you tremendously provided you set link building strategies right from the start and keep your focus on them intact throughout. It also empowers search engines to analyze the popularity of your website or page for which they find out the strength of pages linking to it, and analyze the authority, trust, and spam metrics. Mostly, trustworthy sites form links with each other. This can improve your reach and connections with billions of them where trustworthiness ensures that your content is of use to users. Let us go through some link building strategies to understand things in detail.

Link Building – What You Need To Know

First things first, you cannot compromise on the quality of the content on your websites. In fact, link building is meaningless if the content is not useful. Your content should be well-written, engaging, relevant, usable and shareable. It should prove helpful to the users in some way. When it comes to link building strategies, directory submission is highly effective in improving website visibility. You should target directories that relate to your niche, location and content. However, make sure that they have a good reputation.

Link Building – The Common Way

Promoting your site through blogs is another useful link building method where you just require linking them back to your site. Blogs improve the user experience where they serve the users through detailed information about the author’s expertise, products or services. If you are providing keyword-relevant and useful content through your blogs along with updating them regularly, there is no reason for why you cannot benefit from them. Even guest blogging is another powerful option that you should consider since it allows you to promote your website on some authority blogs. Moreover, experts also believe that commenting on blogs may help in driving traffic to your websites. Commenting does not necessarily mean to be thankful to the blogger or acknowledging his/her content. Well, this will not help you in any way; you should write informative yet useful comments on high authority blogs that should make the reader click on your link immediately. You should target some issues relating to or highlighted in the blog content and try to provide your views, insights or solutions to it in the form of comments. Press release submission and article syndication are some of the finest link building methods where they can improve your reputation along with visibility too. You should make use of only reputed PR services to get highly effective results.

Link Building

The Social Media

You cannot afford to miss social media in your link building strategy where its popularity is on the high. In fact, it enables you to connect with trillions of users where a majority of them spend a lot of time on social networking sites. Apart from improving reach of your business, products or services, it may also help in boosting your rankings where search engines have started considering the social media performance as a factor in indexing. Besides this, you should also create a link bait campaign around your well-written and valuable content. This campaign serves as an attention seeker where it aims at increasing the quantity of high-quality and relevant links to a website. You should work towards getting to the right idea, analyze its impact, produce unique articles and then promote them. This may take time in showing the desired results but will surely do over time.

Analyze, and Research

Analyze the link building trends that your competitors follow. Whether it is their SEO strategy, the back link getting methods, or domains they are linking to, you should know them somewhere to find out best link building opportunities. This will improve your prospects where you will be able to build and manage links along with scrutinizing the competition around. Also, do not take a quick way to achieve your goals as you may end up losing a lot over the long run. Quality link building takes time, and you must work hard and analyze every single thing in detail and then only make a decision. You must take care of your link building strategy, and track your performance and work on improving things regularly. If you are a beginner, you can go for pile of information available online in the form of articles, guest blogs, forums, and help manuals on SEO. You can at least learn the basics from it. You can also opt for affordable link building services of a company for your business. Make sure that you check out the reliability and reputation of the company beforehand. Thus be careful, do your study and bring in the aforementioned link building strategies to make your website promotion thing successful.

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  1. says

    Link Building is the major process of every website..for this we have to create many backlinks to a website that will be possible to through Off-page techniques:

    * High PR Directory Submissions
    * Social Bookmarking Sites
    * Article Marketing
    * Video Marketing
    * Local Business Listing
    * Local Search Engines Submissions
    * Ads Posting through Classifieds
    * Link Wheel
    * Web 2.0
    * Slides Sharing
    * RSS, Feed Burner
    * Profile Linking
    * Forum Commenting
    * Blog Commenting
    * Guest Posting
    * Podcast
    * Press Release
    * Social Media
    * Pinging Services

  2. says

    Have linkbuilding methods change all that much since the Google updates? I still continue to do the following:

    – Blog commenting
    – Link in forum sig
    – Submit articles to article sites

    I don’t know if these are now worthless but they seem to be working still and they certainly still work well for driving traffic to my blogs. :)

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