How to Get More Sales With Paid Search Campaign

The fact that SEO is the primary technique proved  to drive targeted visitors to the websites and drive more sales. But it’s really challenging and need a while to get the result, especially for the new brand to compete with big competitors prior reputation with authority in the search engine. In this case, paid methods with a paid search campaign may be a good choice for small business while working hard on an SEO campaign to drive organic traffic and boost the sales.

One effective option and most famous today is Google AdWords. Where your website will appear directly in front of the search results based on keywords that you are targeting. While others may take months with great effort to be on the first page of search results, you can do it in just a few minutes after your campaign is launched (though with own label separated). A great chance to blow up your sales. Although there is also the risk of losing some money when you are not doing right with your paid search campaign. There are some important cases that you should avoid, that can lead you to the failure.

Google Adwords

That in paid search marketing, there are two options, ie to lose money or make more money from your campaign conversion. However, you need to pay attention to the following considerations to maximize the performance of your paid search campaign in order to get more sales or higher conversions.

Keyword Research

The first important step is to choose the right and most potential keywords. The risk is if you come up with the wrong keywords, you will lose a lot of targeted visitors, and even  spending lot traffic that you never wish on your site, and high bounce rates of course.

Frequent mistakes that might occur is to use “free” in your keyword. You will fail to earn more money with this, because basically the people who come up with these keywords do not want to spend any cent at all. The mistake that happens is you have to pay a huge fee for the click, while sales are very low.

Another important consideration in the case of the keywords researching is to use the ‘exact’ match rather than “broad” search. The ‘exact’ match will help you to reduce irrelevant clicks by further filtered to show up only the exact term without any additional words added.

Even so, a series of tests would still require to find potential keywords with high conversion.

Set The Budget

Advantages of paid campaign is that you can set the budget that you will use. Lets say you have $200 for advertising, then you will certainly spend so many $ for the campaign. Lets say you have $200 for your campaign budget, once your campaign cost reach that number your campaign will automatically stop and your Ad will no longer appear in search results.

My advise is to use a small budget or at least for the first campaign. Just for a test and knowing how it works. Also, to take advantage of some free coupons, which is usually included in certain hosting plan. Once you are sure of the ins and outs and formulate your strategy, you can gradually enhance your budget for the paid search campaign for a larger investment.

Make Sure To Set Your Campaign Maximize For Conversion Rather Than Clicks

The other important consideration is to focus on conversion, rather than click. For several ad networks, you are allowed to choose the setting, whether it is optimal for the clicks, or conversions. Make sure maximize in conversion is your choice. With that choice you have a better chance to get a higher returns of your investments. Unlike maximize clicks will only burden your budget and low ROI

Take Attention To Your  Landing Page

Another fact that a marketer fails with the PPC ads is the lack of attention to their landing page. Here is an important element whereas a sales copy take a major role in order to convert potential visitors into customers. It would be important to consider whether the landing page and sales copy is good enough if it works for a conversion.

Make sure that you drive your audience to a powerful sales copy. This will enhance your success with PPC. That is why the landing page is so important and taking a big role in the paid campaign. Your landing page should be routinely checked, analyzed, as well as improved to get the best blend in order to increase conversions.

Local Audience Targeting

Basically it depends on what market you’re in. If you run a local business, then targeting your campaign to the local audience will need to be a priority. In this case a better result is most likely achieved  by targeting to the local audience. It is also very important to businesses that apply a product delivery service.

If you are in a local business with a limited scope delivery then you do not need to pay for visitors from areas beyond your range, since it will simply burden the budget without any real conversion.

Make sure you’re recognized with a Google Adwords feature that allows you to get targeted local visitors based on the geographic location of the user’s IP.

The above considerations are important cases that you need to remember while running in paid marketing. That is useful to help you to improve performance and maximize conversions from paid search campaigns to drive targeted visitors to your business site.

Deny Saputra is a writer and social media enthusiast. Loved to write and commenting about SEO, social media, & lot more things. Find other useful source by Deny and team at or get connected on Facebook.

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