How to Enable Google Toolbar in Firefox 25, 26 And Later

Please Note: Google has stopped supporting the Toolbar for Firefox. There will be no further updates or security fixes from Google. This tutorial only enables the Google Toolbar on Firefox. If you feel like breaching your computer’s security, do not follow this guide.

Update (06/12/2013): Mozilla released the Firefox 25 few days ago and very close to release official version 26. This tweak still works, therefor, you still can enable Google Toolbar on Firefox 25, 26 and later versions.

Firefox, the favorite browser for most of the people released the Firefox 25 few days ago. Since it is a major version upgrade, some of the Plugins, Addons and Extensions went incompatible. Google Toolbar for Firefox is one of them.

Enable Google Toolbar on Firefox

Firefox 26, based on Gecko 26.0 is currently in beta stage and will be released on December 10, 2013. Firefox 27, based on Gecko 27 and Firefox 28, based on Gecko 28 is under Aurora and Nightly Channels and will be on upgrade channels on the same day. This tutorial works for Firefox 25 and all later versions.

Being a Webmaster, Google Toolbar is one of my favorite extensions for Firefox, and I frequently use it for checking backlinks and indexed pages. However, since my Firefox automatically upgraded to version 8, the Google Toolbar vanished from its place.

I dug a little deep and found the solution to make the Google Toolbar compatible with Firefox 25 and newer (Firefox 25, latest). It is now working perfectly like before and all the features are kept. Here is how I did it.

  1. First, check the current version of Google toolbar. Type about:addons at the Firefox address bar and hit enter. Select the Extensions tab from the left. Check the version number for Google Toolbar for Firefox. It should be Version 7.1.20110512W if you are using the latest version. If not, update it.
  2. Go to your Firefox Profiles at AppData >Roaming > Mozilla> Firefox > Profiles > Default Profile > Extensions and look for the directory where the Google Toolbar is installed. Mine is located at {3112ca9c-de6d-4884-a869-9855de68056c} directory.
  3. There should be a file called install.rdf in that folder. Open it in a text editor like Notepad or Notepad++ (free and open source).
  4. Now you need to change the maxversion to 25. Find this line (the value may vary depending on your current version of firefox)

    around line number 17 and change it to


    Save the file and close the editor.

  5. Restart the Firefox and the Google Toolbar should be back and working.

Try it and let us know if that worked for you. Also, make sure your addons are set to upgrade automatically so that you get the officially compatible version when Google release the upgrade.

Tip to find the Profiles folder:
Sourav shared a nice tip to find the Profiles folder in Windows.

1. Press “Windows key + R” to open the Run box (or, you can click “Start → Run…” on Windows 2000/XP)
2. In the Run box, type in %APPDATA%
3. Click OK. A Windows Explorer window will appear.
4. In this window, choose Mozilla → Firefox → Profiles.

To fix the login issues, bookmarks and other issues related to autologin, please see the Martin’s comment.

Open toolbar.js in the ‘lib’ directory with a text editor like Notepad++ and
Search for:
Replace with:

Save the file and restart Firefox.

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  1. says

    Does it work using firefox version 33.0.2 ? As Google toolbar site said that they not support for new version of firefox, only support for firefox version 5 and older

  2. koalalala says

    It worked flawlessly up to Firefox v30 but in Firefox v31 after install.rdf is updated (set maxVersion to 39.*) the Google Toolbar extension didn’t appear after I restarted the browser. Any ideas?

    One thing to note is that I’ve not attempted to fix this issue on this new computer I am using which runs Windows 7 and Firefox with profile folders ported from an old machine that ran XP. I didn’t think that should make any difference.

    • Dale says

      I just updated to v26, and “Find in Page” works for me using the Edit menu.

      For other reasons, I bought Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software a while back, and it recognizes the “find in page” command and speaking the search term, which is almost as easy as using Google Toolbar’s single click on the search term’s button feature. I would still use the toolbar’s feature if it worked, though.

  3. JERRY B says

    THAT should have read:
    thanks again Abhik, i used your instructions from back in Feb 2012, but got tired of having to change it, seemingly every few days, so i changed mine to 25, but this AM[12-12-2013] i went over the FF 25 limit, so i changed it to 45!:

    works just dandy!

  4. Tessa says

    Hi Abhik!

    Thanks so much for posting this blog, I was really dissappointed when I could not use my google toolbar anymore! Now it works just fine, so i am very HAPPY with it!

    In this tutorial you state that this little trick works for Firefox 25 and all later versions. How come you know it wil work with Firefox 26, 27 and so on?

    Do I need to change the maxversion in advance to 30.* or so, in orde to keep it working or not?

    Thanks for answering me!

    Greetz, Tessa.

      • David Tanner says

        Hi Abhik,

        All of a sudden in Firefox 26, the Google Bookmark feature no longer works. My add ins are the latest version and my maxversion was set to 30. I click on bookmark and it says download failed, and even after refesh. Looks like something has been changed….I wonder who else has recent change to their Google Bookmarks not working. Thanks for your great work in the past and hopefully with this issue.

        Kindest regards,


          • David Tanner says


            I’m, not sure which post you are referring to, as I’ve carefully reviewed all posts on the article. This problem just surfaced sometime between FF25 & FF26, as the toolbar has been working since you wrote about the “toolbar fix” with version 4.0 . I’ve reviewed my add-ons and they’re working properly, I’m just lost on what has happened and how to fix.

            I ask you to be specific on any suggestions, as most posts are older than FF25 or 26.



            Hi Abhik,

            All of a sudden in Firefox 26, the Google Bookmark feature no longer works. My add ins are the latest version and my maxversion was set to 30. I click on bookmark and it says download failed, and even after refresh. Looks like something has been changed….I wonder who else has recent change to their Google Bookmarks not working. Thanks for your great work in the past and hopefully with this issue.

            Kindest regards,


  5. Dale says

    Hi –
    With Firefox updated to v25 just the other day, the Google toolbar “find on page” feature, where each search term generates a button to the right of the search field, no longer works. The buttons are still there for each word, but they no longer work. The find-on-page with a single click, without having to reenter any search terms, was one of the main reasons I’m still using Firefox. Any suggestions? (Polite ones only, please. ; – )

    • davidoff says

      True enough, v25 has scuppered the ‘find in page’ feature of Google Toolbar – this feature was the ONLY thing that has made me put up with Firefox’s relentlessly buggy updates in recent times. Hope there is a fix for this, otherwise I have had it with Firefox.

  6. Dave says

    This stopped working when FF updated itself to v21.

    I had been using it before this but now there is no install.rdf file for me to edit.

    Amy ideas ?

  7. Dino says

    I’m on firefox 19.0.2 now. This workaround still works. I’ve increased maxversion to 20, so that it’s ready for next version.
    Abhik = Genius!

  8. Col says

    This appears to be a workaround if the toolbar was previously installed. Is there a workaround in place if doing a clean install of firefox and the toolbar?

  9. Bernardo says

    Yup, it works!!!

    Thanks to the comments section, Google Toolbar still works on version 17.

    I jumped from version 14 to version 17 after my version kept on behaving really slow for mysterious reasons all week long. *hint hint* conspiracy theories.

    I opened the required file, install.rdf , with Windows Notepad, changed the number from 17 to 19, saved the file, closed it and restarted Firefox and out came my Google Toolbar.

    Thanks to the author and the helpful guide by Sourav.

    I have used this technique twice from this useful webpage and it hasn’t failed me yet.

    Follow the 2 tips:

    Step 1 —>

    Tip to find the Profiles folder:
    Sourav shared a nice tip to find the Profiles folder in Windows.

    1. Press “Windows key + R” to open the Run box (or, you can click “Start → Run…” on Windows 2000/XP)
    2. In the Run box, type in %APPDATA%
    3. Click OK. A Windows Explorer window will appear.
    4. In this window, choose Mozilla → Firefox → Profiles.

    Step 2 —>

    Profiles > Default Profile > Extensions and look for the directory where the Google Toolbar is installed. Mine is located at {3112ca9c-de6d-4884-a869-9855de68056c} directory.
    There should be a file called install.rdf in that folder. Open it in a text editor like Notepad or Notepad++ (free and open source).
    Now you need to change the maxversion to 19. Find this line


    around line number 17 and change it to


    Save the file and close the editor.
    Restart the Firefox and the Google Toolbar should be back and working with the latest versions of firefox

    – Finish –

    The above Step 2, I have copied it from the text and changed the respective numbers for Firefox version 17.

    Do note that the line in my file is 17.* instead of


    . There is no


    inside my file, probably yours too.

    Hope I’ve helped a few desperate souls.

    God bless & Merry Christmas

    • gpr says

      While you are quite correct that the google toolbar does function under FF17, starting with FF 16, if the google toolbar is enabled, tear-off tabs no longer function properly. Would you please let me know if you are experiencing the same problem. If so, have you developed a work-around?

  10. lip says

    na 17 tez google toolbar dziala bez problemu po zmiane numeru w pliku install.rdf

    for 17 google toolbar also works without a problem after changing the number in the file install.rdf

      • Alessandro says

        I mean it stopped working for me, and I have no idea why. The plugin seems to be working OK, but in fact all I can see is a blank space instead of the Google Toolbar. If I right click anywhere in the blank space, the pop-up menu still has Google Toolbar options, but if I click on any of them, nothing happens.

        I just can’t figure out why it’s not working. It doesn’t make any sense to me. No software updates, no changes in the configuration file, nothing at all. It just stopped working out of the blue O_O

  11. Miriam says

    Thank you. Just installed this again for the latest version (17?) and wrote up to 19. Good to have Google toolbar back.

  12. Lidia says

    So, it worked before, but now is not for Firefox 15.0.1. What is wrong? Could you help me please?



  13. Jerry S says

    Many websites out there claim to teach you how to do this, but none worked for me except yours. I utilized your advice for firefox 14 & 15. Works Great!!!
    Thank you very much!

  14. krishna says

    can someone pls tell me how to get at 2nd step .
    2. Go to your Firefox Profiles at AppData >Roaming > Mozilla> Firefox > Profiles > Default Profile > Extensions and look for the directory where the Google Toolbar is installed. Mine is located at {3112ca9c-de6d-4884-a869-9855de68056c} directory.

    • says

      Press Windows Key + R. Then enter %APPDATA% at ‘Open’ text field and click OK (or just hit Enter).
      That’ll bring up the Roaming Application data folder. Find the folder Mozilla in it.

  15. Ed Kaim says

    This fix worked fine for me in FF 14, but not in 15. I’ve tried the additional tweaks suggested by other users, but still no go. Any further suggestions? (I’m using Win 7.)

  16. says

    you can adjust the version number in 20 or 99 so that you don’t have to adjust this with every Firefox update! I have my number at 20 with Firefox 15 and it works fine!

  17. Paul says

    I can’t get this to work with v15. I have installed the addon, updating the maxversion etc but when I go to the addon options and try to save settings the buttons don’t work. All I want is to use the in built google translate.

    Any ideas why I can’t save button (or cancel button) inside the addon options/settings window?

  18. Terry says

    I confirm that this method works for the latest update of Firefox (15).
    Just updated Firefox and then applied the fix as described above. I first used it for Firefox 14.
    Many thanks to Abhik

  19. Adrian says

    Thanks for the advice. Google tool Bar is up and running at first attempt in Firefox 14. Will same fix apply when Firefox 15, 16, 17 etc come out, by just changing the max number or could I put in a higher max number now?


  20. Jeff Wu says

    Thank you for your post, very helpful. And do you notice the Google Toolbar’s “Hovering over” translate does not work on all of Google sites. Any idea how to get it fix?

    Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

    • Mircea says

      I compiled an xpi extention that eneble google toolbar in all version of Firefox till 19.00 version.
      To install,go to “file”-“open” and browse the file from your desktop.Install.That’s it
      Download the file from:
      My name is Mircea,and this blog open my eyes about “how to enable Google Toolbar in Firefox” for the first time.I tried many times to compile it,but no result.When I finally did it,I was verry happy about this.Now,I want to share my hapiness with all of this blog users.Thank again to Abhik for this blog

  21. lindau says

    Thank you it worked for me. You are indeed a hero! Hover over a word and the translation appears again on version 14!!
    Thanks a million!

  22. Curtis Kuttnauer says

    I followed your instructions a while back when it first became unsupported. Then FF automatically download 14.0.1, which afterwards kept crashing. It was recommended to do a refresh of FF and now my Google Desktop does not work. I noticed that I have 7.1.20100701W. I tried to download the newer version, but it said it was incompatible and did not finish the installation. So I closed FF and restarted, but Google Toolbar does not show up.

    Any suggestions how to resolve?


  23. AS says

    You are amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Pretty much the same steps on a Mac, too! Sightly different directory location, but it was easy to figure out just by searching for install.rdf with the system files included.

  24. cleverwabbit says

    You so brilliantly fiqured out how to get around Firefox 12 and 13, do you think this will work with 14 that just came out?
    Thanks so much!

  25. Terry says

    Thank you, it worked as directed.
    But how concerned do I have to be over “breaching my computer’s security”?

  26. says

    thanks for the google toolbar fix for firefox.great.can it be changed to version 15, 16, … when these newer versions come along?
    also, please can you let me know how you check backlinks and indexed pages.

    many thanks

  27. Jay says


    Thank you so much for your fix to enable Google Toolbar. I really appreciate it.

    What if you have Firefox 13 installed and you have never installed Google Toolbar before, how do you go about installing Google Toolbar ?

      • john says

        The Add-on for Google Toolbar is no longer present in the Add-ons option in Tools. I have tried to download Version 7.1.20110512W again but have not found anywhere to do this. I only get sites that have a version for Internet explorer. Can you tell me where I can download it again. The laptop I want to reinstate the toolbar on is running XP and the toolbar was available on it.

    • Mo says

      right click on the home icon… (little house) and see if you checked on the toolbar :)… it should be there.. or go to your addons-list and see if it’s there… good luck!
      namaste and freedom4all

    • john says

      I have succesfully used your method of getting Google Toolbar to work on both mine & my partners laptops, however when I uprade to the lastest version of Firefox google toolbar version 7.1.20110512W add-on was deleted. I can’t find anywhere to download it again. Can you help.

      Thank you

  28. MTR says

    Everything works fine except the Google bookmarks button. Google bookmarks is my favorite as it helps to add the websites irrespective of the system i am using and go back to the same website at latter point from another system….Any help?!?!

  29. Paul Neubauer says

    Working great for me with Win7 build 7601 and FireFox 13.1! Thank you!

    I found a way to modify the needed files inside the signed Version 7.1.20110512W installer XPI file and then I could install the unsigned modified XPI file without downgrading Firefox.

    To do this I unzipped the XPI archive file. Next I modified the install.rdf and the toolbar.js files per the instructions given else where on this page. To unsign the modified XPI installer do not include the META-INF folder when rezipping the modified and unmodified files. Now the zip file that has the modifications needs the extension renamed to .XPI. I was then able to load this with the install add-on from file option inside Firefox 13.1 after ignoring the trust warning dialog.

    Have a very good day!

    • Tracey Woodmason says

      Many thanks for precious workaround. I’ve now upgraded from version 6 (which for some reason will NOT now show streetview) to 13 AND I’ve got my Google Toolbar back. Very many thanks.

  30. Gerry says

    Didn’t work with Firefox 13. On opening with Notebook++ The line
    wasn’t there but what was there was
    so wasn’t sure what to change it to so I made it
    14..* as suggested and on closing and opening firefox I got same message when trying to install Google Toolbar, namely it doesn’t work with Firefox only Internet Explorer. also tried >13.
    Also couldn’t find toolbar.js at all

    • MARK says

      there are several install.rdf files in my Mozilla folder are you sure your editing the default profile (or the profile are currently using). the default as stated is {3112ca9c-de6d-4884-a869-9855de68056c}. Tip click help on the toolbar, Troubleshoot under Application Basics click the show folder button this will open the Mozilla folder. Now in the search area type install.rdf and look along the right hand side under the folder column you should see the string of number above, That’s the install.rdf you need to edit. If your not using the default click on the date modified column and select the most recent date.

    • MARK says

      I forgot to mention when you open the install.rdf you can’t see 4.0.* so click the edit button, Find, enter the copy and paste the above in the blank find space and click find next, That should take you to it then as state change the 4.0 to 14.0

      • MARK says

        sorry for some reason the line I’m typing is being truncated you need to copy and paste the line stated in the article I’ll try to write it one more time, em:maxVersion>4.0.*</em:maxVersion

  31. Kerry says

    This fix worked great until yesterday when I had to restart my laptop. When I opened Firefox, the space for the Google toolbar is there, but it’s blank.

    Google toolbar is enabled in my add-ons and is checked in the toolbars. I even tried resetting the “maxversion” back to 4.0, saving the file, closed firefox, reopened it and the space for Google toolbar was gone. Set maxversion to 14. again, saved and opened Firefox and the space for the toolbar is there again, but cannot see it.

    Any ideas as to why or what I might do to fix this? Thanks so much!

      • Kerry says

        I had as well and never had this issue before. I did a system restore and it seems to have resolved the problem.

  32. Chris says

    Well I just followed these instructions and when I opened up Firefox again, Google Toolbar still wasn’t there and I lost all my open tab groups, I ended up losing hundreds of tabs *cries*

  33. Iulia says

    it doesn`t work because google does not suport mozilla anymore.i can`t install google toolbar anymore on my mozilla browser :[[[[ i try what you Abhik said but it didn`t work.

  34. Jean says

    I have a Mac desktop and a MacBook Air. I have a google tool bar on the iMac but the Macbook Air says it’s incompatible with my FireFox version.

    I don’t know how to locate those files on a Mac. Can you help? I want that toolbar!!

  35. Gman says

    Awesome. What the heck is wrong with Google and Mozilla? Why can’t they play nice together? I guess Google is being Microsoft”ish” and not wanting to support any other browser but their own crap.

  36. Erick says

    Thanks a’lot
    after the update to version 12.0 i thought “F*** Damn shite… i should not have done that”

  37. Chris says

    I do not have the install.rdf file. I have 3 others but only 1, extensions.rdf, even had the “maxVersion” text in it. I changed all those to no avail. Any thoughts?

    • Chris says

      Nevermind. I did a search of my harddrive and found it. It must have been in a hidden directory or something. Works!!

  38. David Tanner says

    Awesome fix Abhik ! Thanks for sharing this information with all of us.

    I’ve been staying with version 12, as the toolbar still worked because of changes made to the toolbar.js files. Your “FIX” made version 13 & 14 work and hopefully beyond.

    Thank you again for sharing your expertise! I recall my parents saying too many years ago “Sharing is Caring” :-)

    • says

      You can’t.
      You need to downgrade (uninstall the latest version of Firefox and installing the compatible version), install Google Toolbar and then upgrade Firefox overwriting the existing 3.6.28 installation.

      Here is the link to download Firefox 3.6.28.

      • Kevin Skinner says

        I was having the same problem as Abhik. Had a computer crash and reinstalled everything including FF 13. Downgrade!…not bloody likely now that I’ve set up everything the way I like it. Took me hours to get FF 13 looking the way I like it except for Google toolbar. When I need that I’ll go IE. Thanks anyway.

  39. Tom B. says

    What are you some kind of tech genius? That was a beautiful workaround to get Google Toolbar to work in Firefox 12. Don’t think I could have figured that one out, and I’m a pretty good IT guy. It worked perfectly. Thank you. For a couple years now I remained with Firefox 4.0 because it was the last version that the Google Toolbar actually worked in, but I was having trouble recently watching videos online in that version. I noticed I could watch them in IE (which I don’t use), but not in Firefox. Figured it was time to finally upgrade. Upgrading fixed the video problem and your fix worked to get Google Toolbar back. Only problem I had was when I tried to add Notepad to the Send To drop-down menu, I kept getting an Error message stating “User/Admin/SendTo” not accessible” or something like that. Instead I opened the “install rdf” folder in Notepad by going to File/Open/ in Notepad and pasted in “%APPDATA% in the File Name box,, Opened ‘Install rdf’ in notepad, edited it, saved it and that was it. Thanks again!

  40. YK says

    If Mozzila skips it again, I think I will change to google chrome
    NB: it seems like it’s google strategy….mmmmm

  41. Gene Federico says

    I am having the same problem as others. I don’t have the Google Toolbar installed at all and when I try to DL it, it won’t allow me to. What is the fix for this? Thank you for the help.

  42. Dani says

    Thank you very much, it worked. For me it’s the last time I do search the web for this, if Mozilla skips it again, Mozilla is history here… just saying. Again many thanks.

    • daniel says

      hello people, hi, i’m in the newest version of firefox which is beta firefox 14, and my google toolbar was disabled, how can i enabled it back, please some one help, please, i love google, please, respond as quickly as u can, than k u…:)

    • Diego says

      Many thanks my friend!!!! Now it is working again in firefox 13. I only downloaded the add on and instal the tool bar.xpi. You saved me! =)

  43. says

    Hi! Thanks for the tip. I really appreciated it and now I have my Toolbar back along with my bookmarks :) But I had to set the version number to 20.0* – it was already in the file as 14.0* I’m guessing from the last time. What was weird though was that I had Google Desktop and Calendar still available on the toolbar but nothing else which was really strange, but now it’s all back. Thanks!

  44. jefethebird says

    I, unfortunately, do not have the file name you mention above (install.rdf), but did find another RDF file named “extensions.rdf” so I tried the same thing with it. It seems to have a similar line in the code. After changing it in that file, it does not seem to work. I am using Firefox 13. I actually had it working in 12, but just upgraded to 13 today – dang! Any other thoughts on what I should try? Thanks very much.

    • jefethebird says

      Oops – sorry! After checking through the folders a bit more closely, I did find the file in the extensions folder (had a very similar name to the one you show above). And it worked great! THANK YOU!!!!

  45. Steve says

    Hi guys, I think I’ve found the way to enable Google Toolbar for Firefox 13 on Mac OSX, first double-click the Macintosh HD icon on desktop, then go to the following path:

    Users -> -> Library -> Application Support -> Firefox -> Profiles -> xxxxxxx.default(complete name for this part may varies in for every machine) -> extensions,

    Inside “extensions” folder, you may see many folders with names like this: {3CE993BF-A3D9-4fd2-B3B6-768CBBC337F8}. In that case I’m not sure that everyone will have the same name for Google Toolbar, mine is named {3112ca9c-de6d-4884-a869-9855de68056c}. So I would suggest using some hard way: look into these folders one by one, looking for install.rdf file with keyword like “Google” and “Toolbar”. If you find one install.rdf file with the keywords in it, then that’s it, that’s the file for Google Toolbar, just change the minVersion and maxVersion values in line 16 and 17, then save the file, restart Firefox, you will see the Google Toolbar is back!!

  46. says

    Thank you man. i used to enable it with the addon compatibility reporter , but it didnt work with firefox 13 anymore 😐 it couldnt enable google toolbar in ff13 . but your method works thanks. :X

  47. Dea says

    I am using a mac OS 10.6.8 also, and can’t find the Firefox profile file you are talking about.
    Please advise. Thanks.

  48. alira says

    thank you very much but do have a question. The main reason I wanted this back was for the translation as I need to visit a lot of foreign websites in my work. Previously sites were translated automatically . this no longer works, instead you have to click on the icon in the toolbar and each time you click on a link or go to a new page on that site you have to reclick( previously translation was maintained)

    even with this annoyance, it is is still better than using a 3rd party translator or any of the firefox addons which were just terrible.

  49. says

    Thanks for this article, you don’t know how much I’m pleased to find a solution that works.
    It’s perfect for someone who has the Google Toolbar installed but disabled by Firefox. Unfortunatly however, you don’t seem to offer any advice for people who haven’t already got the toolbar installed. I just bought a brand new computer so even though your article would work, it was pointless for me because I didn’t have the toolbar already installed.

    You would make a lot of people very happy if you provided a trusted download source for the Google toolbar because Google doesn’t let anyone download it anymore. I eventually found a copy on Softpedia which is a safe place to download from.

    I’m sure you get tons of traffic to the article because your ranked 1st on Google for many of the relevant search terms to do with installing the Toolbar. Maybe you could provide a Softpedia affiliate link source to the Toolbar to make yourself some cash. (Not sure if they offer an affiliate program or not though)

    Here is the last mirror link on Softpedia left thats still available to download the toolbar:

  50. Rich says

    Problem is, I uninstalled google toolbar after firefox told me it was not compatible. When I try to download the latest version firefox won’t even try to install it because it’s not compatible. Is there any way around this?

  51. Donald Tidmore says

    I did an upgrade of Firefox the other week from v12 to v13 and it stopped allowing me to use the Google Toolbar completely, so I removed it eventually. Now when I tried to re-install it, Firefox 13 won’t even allow you to install the XPI file that I downloaded from’s site – using Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 after Firefox would not allow me to get the XPI file at all. So if you are using Firefox 13, how do I and others go about restoring Google Toolbar now? I tried looking at the XPI file in Wordpad and its not readable. I have “GoogleBar Lite” but it is not as good, and it doesn’t even offer Google Translate which I miss now. Is there any solution to this solution that I can use now to get Google Toolbar back? Thanks for any help you can provide. Donald

    • taiday says

      Besides edit install.rdf, you need to install addOn “checkcompatibility 1.3″, Enable it, Close and Reopen Firefox, it works for me on version 13.

  52. MMM says

    Unfortunately, I can’t do this, as I don’t seem to have the requird file. I’ve searched everywhere for it, I don’t have it. Can someone upload theirs anywhere, please? I would really appreciate it!

    • steve says

      Hi, could you please teach me where to find the related file on Mac OSX 10.6.8? The file structure in Mac OSX is different from that of windows. Thanks in advance!!

  53. says

    Thanks Abhik. Excellent advice and the tweak worked perfectly. However, the path where install.rdf is located might vary between systems. My instance of install.rdf (on a Win XP SP3 PC running FF 13) was found at …\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\6yy0o5mi.default\extensions\{3112ca9c-de6d-4884-a869-9855de68056c} – via Windows Explorer search facility.

    • Doug1111 says

      It worked but only in a limited way. Yes I got back a google toolbar, but it’s now a primitive one. I can’t chose “search site” for example. The drop down options of “more”, “add search type” and “manage” do nothing when I click on them.

      I do have translate and autofill though.

  54. Luigi says

    Thanks a lot! When I upgrade to FF13 Google Toolbar went away and the internet connection became slow and unreliable. After i changed the row in install.rdf file all got back right! My O.S. is lubuntu 12.04.

  55. Teresa says

    YES!!! Thank you!! oohhh I’m so happy this worked! :) You’re a genius! Please keep updating this as Firefox keeps updating their browser, I definitely bookmarked this page!

    Thank you again!

  56. HM says

    Bless you!!!!!
    I was truly panicking. I use every one of those buttons. I can’t believe they think it’s okay to be without it (and I mean Google) It’s not on Chrome either

  57. Jonny says

    I too have the problem that the toolbar was somehow removed and I can’t seem to get it installed. I tried extracting the xpi, changing the file and recompiling the xpi- but it said that it was corrupt :(

    • Rob says

      Brilliant! Never changed a setting like that before but it was clearly explained and worked first time (once I had figured out what I had to do to use Notepad++). Thank you.

  58. says

    After searching for the correct file, I finally found it, changed it as you specified, restarted Firefox and the Google toolbar returned.

    Awesome!! Thanks for the tips

  59. says

    I was able to get this to work with Google Toolbar 7.1.20110316w – but only because I couldn’t update to the newest. How can this be done? When I try, I’m told that it’s not compatible with Firefox 13.

    • Nigel says

      Install an old copy of Firefox e.g. version 7, update Google toolbar, then update Firefox. You might find that the first FF update takes you back to v12.0 then you have to update again to v13.0. Then run the change to the install.rtf file and restart FF.

  60. cleverwabbit says

    Is there a way to do this with a mac? my auto update just turned off my google toolbar and I am lost without it!!!

  61. Zorrozorruno says

    Muchísimas gracias, ha funcionado perféctamente, y la explicación perfecta y muy detallada, sin ella no habría dado con la solución.

    Me reitero, muchísimas gracias por compartir su trabajo.

      • says

        Dear Abhik,

        I searched all over the web to find the Google Toolbar installer for Firefox (version 7.1.20110512W) and I cannot find it anywhere, a lot of sites re-direct me to the google url, which is now not available anymore! Can you please reply me by email and send me the file or the URL so I can follow your (above) instructions to maintain using the Google Toolbar in FF higher versions? Thank you very much!!!!! T.

  62. Miriam says

    Thank you so much – worked immediately, and the instructions were clear even for someone totally non-technically minded like me. I am a translator and I am always searching for things and I rely on Google toolbar so much.

  63. Jerry Bank says

    Please disregard my previous message. I must have made a mistake when re-editing the install.rdf file. I redid it and it now works.

  64. Jerry Bank says

    This had been working perfectly for me with FF 13 and XinXP. However, there was an update today, and the toolbar disappeared. I made sure that the install.rdf file was ok, and indicated that the tookbar works OK on the extensions compatibility page. However, when do view-toolbars the google toolbar is not there. What should I do, since I truly like having it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dennis says

      On a Mac, go to Help>>Troubleshoot Information. Under Applications Basics there should be a Profile Folder section. Click ‘Show in Finder’. Drill down to the extensions folder and find the folder specified in step 2 of the guide. Follow the rest of the guide from there. Voila.

  65. Craig says

    Is there anyway to GET the Google Toolbar installed? I do not have it. I got rid of it before I found this page.

  66. Buro says

    Thank you, works perfectly. Thanks a ton for for figuring it out. My google toolbar seems to to be working perfectoly smoothly too, no glitches in using it either. Thanks again, much appreciated.

  67. KarlWS says

    Works for me, though not all Google toolbar functions properly work. It prompts for login, but does not actually show me as signed in, after I enter my user ID and password. Better than nothing…

  68. Felicity Jenkins says

    I am a complete illiterate, but I sort of followed your instruction(!) and now have my Google toolbar back. Thank you.

  69. Julie says

    It does work! Thank you so much :)

    Now if someone can email me the install file for Google Toolbar Windows 7 64-bit version, I’d have my Google Toolbar on my new work computer, too!!!! (My home is a 32-bit version)

  70. Felix says

    Hi Abhik, many thanks for the hints. I have seen that a couple of points where still missing, so I have tried to merge all points together in an end-to-end fool-proof step by step guide as follows:
    1) Uninstall Firefox if higher than 4
    2) Install Firefox 4 from:
    3) Install Google Toolbar from:
    4) Update Firefox to last release
    5) In the Run box, type in %appdata%
    6) Go to your Firefox Profiles at AppData >Roaming > Mozilla> Firefox > Profiles > Default Profile > Extensions and look for the directory where the
    Google Toolbar is installed. Mine is located at {3112ca9c-de6d-4884-a869-9855de68056c} directory.
    There should be a file called install.rdf in that folder. Open it in a text editor like Notepad or Notepad++ (free and open source).
    Now you need to change the maxversion to 14. Find this line:
    4.0.* around line number 17 and change it to
    Save the file and close the editor and keep Windows Explorer open (it will be needed at point 10)
    7) Restart the Firefox
    8 ) Install in FireFox the ADD ON Disable Add-on Compatibility Check at:
    9) Now the Google Toolbar should appear!
    10) With the Windows Explorer open at the end of point 6), Open the directory lib and edit the toolbar.js file with a text editor like Notepad++ and

    Search for: “” (without “http://”)
    Replace with:

    Save it
    11) Open FireFox, and log in into your Google Toolbar

  71. pablo says

    If you not have installed de extension, download de XPI and uncompress (with 7-zip for example), create a folder in the firefox extension folder and move the files in there. Edit the extensions.ini files in the profile folder and add the path of the plugin (the created folder). Now you can edit install.rdf in this folder and the toolbar is installed.

  72. Chris says

    I just use Search Status now, only difference is I can’t check out cached pages. With YSE gone now, they aren’t as useful as they used to be.

  73. says

    the toolbar mysteriously worked until now even with FF12.0 whitout me having to do anything for like 6 months and automatic FF updates. Works no longer, can’t find a button to update the toolbar Addon. My version is 7.1.20110512M.

  74. Sourav says

    To find a profile folder in the default location on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or Windows 7:  (even if it is hidden do the following steps)

    1.   Press “Windows key  + R” to open the Run box 
          (or, you can click “Start → Run…” on Windows 2000/XP)

    2.   In the Run box, type in %APPDATA%

    3.  Click OK. A Windows Explorer window will appear.

    4.  In this window, choose Mozilla → Firefox → Profiles.

         Each folder in the “Profiles” folder (e.g., “xxxxxxxx.default”) is a profile on your computer.

    For more information go to

  75. Steve says

    For me by changing max version number to 11 it only worked for Firefox 11 not later versions as text implies( I’m running Firefox 13).I set the number to 25 and bingo all fine.Hopefully will now be OK up to the release of Version 26
    Many thanks for the info. – Steve

  76. says

    This is definite nice tips to enable Google toolbar for Firefox 10 and 11 but I want to ask that how to enable Google toolbar for Firefox 12.0? I have searched at several time but not found relevant links there. Please suggest about that whatever thing …

  77. Jason says

    Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, Firefox 12. Located folder and file for my profile, changed line to 12.* and all working. Thank you!

    • Jerry Bank says

      HELP!!!!! Folder was not there. I downloaded the toolbar again, and the Firefox prevented its installation. I can’t even find the toolbar file that was downloaded. I did all this on another computer using WinXP and it was fine. Windows 7 is not allowing me to do what I want.

  78. John says

    Works perfectly in Windows 7. Brilliant! If only I’d known it was so easy 12 months ago!
    Put in 20 and your’re covered for the next set of updates.

    Many. many thanks.

  79. franco esposit says

    salve —anche usando il traduttore ( sono come alle prime armi ) non riesco a capire come fare -purtroppo la versione di firefox è la 12 (ultima ) potessi riavere la n.4 sarebbe bello— ho bisogno del pulsante del traduttore – sono negato sull’inglese ( sorry )
    prejudice — even with the translator (as are a beginner) I can not figure out how to do-unfortunately the version of firefox is 12 (the last) could regain the No. 4 would be nice — I need a translator button – are denied on English (sorry)

  80. hangman says

    Thank you very, very, very much!
    Greetings from Brazil!

    “Worked in Firefox 12 (had to change code from “11.*” to “12.*” of course).”

  81. Brian says

    Worked in Firefox 12 (had to change code from “11.*” to “12.*” of course). I was looking for the file location for a long time and couldn’t find it but thanks to Amitai’s comment I was able to locate it.

  82. Denis D-L says

    I did not have Google on Firefox 10 or 11. I tried the update–no go. Uninstalled Firefox. Installed Firefox 4.0 fixed the install.rdf. Worked on Firefox 11 installed max 19.0 and then Google was on Firefox 12.
    Really is nice having a smart guy offering free fixes. Thank you so much. I love my add-ons and only use Chrome for slow sites.

    • Jerry Bank says

      Help. Even though I am an old computer user (going back to the ’50s, web stuff is not in my purview. My Google Toolbar was working in Firefox 10 or 11, but it went away. I went to try the fix suggested, but don’t seem to have the toolbar any longer. I did install Groowe Search Toolbar and it works, though the compatibility page says that it shouldn’t. But I want the real Google Toolbar.

      I can’t find the toolbar any longer. Is there a way that I can reinstall it and do the fix. The Google page says that it is not available, but it would work with the fix. What should I do?

  83. Thomas says

    Worked until yesterday (Firefox 11 / Windows 7 / GTB 7.1.20110512W)

    Today back in our network it works no longer.

  84. pep says

    This fix is for windows because on Linux it doesn´t work . Damn, I need the auto translation web page function sooooooooo bad !!!!!!!

    I need Russian webs translated . As soon as I log into a website any other translator can´t hack it and I don´t know what the people are saying.

    Would really lie a fix for linux. Tks.

  85. Paul says

    Thanks to you everything was working OK but today something happen and the toolbar went way.I did tray everything but I am not able to bring the bar back.Any help.I am with vista

  86. suzan says

    this did not work for me; win 7
    share: shows loading about 90% and then stops…………… so share still does not work

  87. Amitai says

    Thanks, it worked!
    Path to install.rdf in WinXP (don’t ask, company policy) is:
    C:\Documents and Settings\{USER_NAME}\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\2dhzie8z.default\extensions\{3112ca9c-de6d-4884-a869-9855de68056c}

  88. Hillary says

    I have the same issue as a couple of others here – I make the change in install.rdf to 11.* (which i have done before for previous releases with no problem), but the Google Toolbar shows as completely blank in FF. Any ideas?

    • Hillary says

      Update: I figured it out! Thanks to a tip from another site… right click on the navigation bar area and select “Customize,” then choose “Restore Default Set.”

  89. Ben says

    I tried this and it worked until last week when an automatic Firefox update caused the toolbar to disappear and leave simply a light blue space/line where it was, even though it says under View that the Google toolbar is enabled. Under Tools, I click the Adds-On Manager and under the Options section for the toolbar there is nothing in the Buttons window that I can click to put on this blank toolbar line. Is there some way to get buttons added when they are none listed here? Or even something to indicate that this is even the toolbar? Thank you.

  90. William Plumer, Jr. says

    re:It’s NOT the Firefox installation directory.
    It’s the Firefox Profiles directory under Application Data folder.

    I cannot find either the profiles directory much less the app data folder. Using Win 7 home prem 64 bit.

    Thanks, Bill

  91. says

    I don’t understand.

    first, i can’t install the google tool bar for firefox 11, so i can’t find the directory where the Google Toolbar is to do it ???pls help

    • says

      You need to have Google Toolbar installed from previous versions.
      The best you can do is downgrade to Firefox 4.6, install Google Toolbar and them upgrade Firefox again.

    • Michael Steiner says

      The “fix” described in the article works only if you had Google Toolbar installed, and it was then disabled when you upgraded Firefox. If you’re on Firefox 11 but never installed Google Toolbar, then — to the best of my knowledge — you won’t be able to install it.

      What you CAN do is uninstall Firefox, get an old version of it (from places such as, install G.T., upgrade Firefox to the newest version (the one you had in the first place), and then try the fix above.

      Or you can just say a big SCREW YOU to Mozilla and Google, and use MSIE and/or Bing instead. After a while, you won’t be able to tell the difference.

    • Michael Steiner says

      Go to C:\Users\[your username]. The AppData folder is hidden, so you need to type it in the location bar. At the top of the window, click inside the address bar. The clickable folders now change to the directory tree list, i.e. if your username is example, it now says:
      Type \AppData and press ENTER. It should now read C:\Users\example\AppData

      And now just continue on to Roaming > Mozilla > Firefox > etc.

  92. Tom says

    It’s a shame you didn’t bother to check what Google has to say about this. They are no longer supporting the toolbar for Firefox, so there won’t be an “upgrade” – ever. Your ‘fix’, and any of the other fixes offered on the Internet, is simply hacking a tool that will never be compatible with Firefox. Now, you may think its ok to run unsupported Internet software, personally I think it’s asking for trouble and anyone doing it deserves any security issues and/or instabilities that may arise.

    I’m afraid sensible users will have to either abandon Firefox and run the toolbar in IE or Chrome, or stick with Firefox and abandon the toolbar. I did the latter and find that most things can be done other ways, the only thing I miss is the search history in the search toolbar. The ‘blame’ for this mess should be divided between Mozilla and Google. Google for not properly supporting the toolbar, and Mozilla for developing a browser dependent on add-ons for functionality and then not-ensuring that Firefox is backwards compatible with respect to add-ons.

  93. Mike says

    Many thanks for this tip and instruction set!

    For some reason today (the coming of Spring?), I got on an update kick and after installing and upgrading other computer programs, I upgraded to Firefox 11 from a much earlier version (3.x or so–this was much overdue)–but without thinking, i didn’t create a backup of the earlier version or even think to install the latest version side-by-side to the old. Imagine my surprise when earlier add-ons no longer worked (so much for seamlessness, Firefox . . .).

    In the end , I figured that I could live without most of the deceased add-ons, but then there was the Google Toolbar issue. And you came to the rescue–many thanks, again!

  94. cw says

    First off you should have mentioned that you must have google toolbar previously installed or else this would not work… so the first step would be to ensure you have it installed OR downgrade firefox to version 4.0 then install the toolbar upgrade your firefox then do this fix… frustrating I had to figure this out myself.

  95. says

    culdnt fine the file until did a search, found it at C:\Documents and Settings\Phillip\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profilesud9tz3d.default\extensions\{3112ca9c-de6d-4884-a869-9855de68056c} and editing this worked (OS is win XP sp3)

  96. Ricardo says

    this worked perfectly. But since Firefox 10 all of a sudden the share page via gmail stopped working. i noticed it stopped working then the progress bar for loading the gmail window changed from being a flat light blue to a striped dark and light blue. so now the progress bar gets stuck and after some time it will display a msg on the window saying that it can’t be loaded and suggests me to disable labs or go to Google help. very weird. That was the button I most used of all. The button with the gmail icon and some chain links over it.

  97. says

    I don’t understand item number 2….could you expand on it please……Go to Firefox profiles??….where are they????totally lost

    Go to your Firefox Profiles at AppData >Roaming > Mozilla> Firefox > Profiles > Default Profile > Extensions and look for the directory where the Google Toolbar is installed. Mine is located at {3112ca9c-de6d-4884-a869-9855de68056c} directory.

  98. says

    I am running version 3.6.27 and your directions do not work for me. I cannot upgrade to a newer version because then my hp fingerprint reader does not work. Any suggestions.
    Also, running windows vista. Thanks

  99. TCL says

    I downloaded Firefox 11, and there was no Google toolbar. I found your post and tried it. It worked! I just changed the 4 to an 11.

  100. Ryo Imamura says

    I recently installed v.11 of FF. When I get to the extensions window, I see 5 directories like {3112ca9c…}. All of them have install.rdf in the directory. Which one do I choose to change? I changed the 4.0 to 10 in one of the install.rdf files, saved it, restarted FF 11, and no Google Toolbar. Did I select the wrong directory and install.rdf file? Should I change the 4.0 to 10 in all 5 install.rdf files? Thanks for your help.

  101. Cberry says

    Great Tip. Thanks. I lost my google toolbar overnight with the upgrade to 10.0.2. It is now back right where I want it. Thanks again.

  102. Person723 says

    Abhik, I’m having a lot of problems with the toolbar for firefox 10. Using the solution I got the toolbar back but it’s not working at full capacity. Several buttons are missing, preferences cannot be edited, translate no longer works and alt text is disabled on other sites. Should I try again with a previous version of firefox or is there a newer version of the google toolbar that 7.120110512?

  103. yar says

    max was already set at 10. I tried to set it to 11 still would not allow google toolbar to work. Google toolbar version Version 7.1.20110512W would not download because it said that it was not compatible with Firefox 10.0.2. Any addituional help would be appreciated.

    • tavs says

      It didn’t work for me ,too. You can do this way, it’s what I did: 1. install firefox 3.6 to the same directory of your current firefox or better yet uninstall the old one and install a fresh one to make it sure it will work 2. install google toolbar 3. install add-on compatibility reporter ,go to–
      4. after doing step 1-3 , update your firefox to ff 10. Everything works fine for me.

  104. AD says

    Did not work for me :(

    Inside my extensions folder, there were no separate folders for all plugins. There was just one install.rdf file (and two other img files: icon & preview) and there it already had the maxversion set to 10.0.

    I even checked to see if I was checking the correct folder (right clicked on shortcut and went to the target folder for firefox from there).

  105. MatíasE says

    Abhik… Just ONE word.. THNKS…!!! =D

    Only one function missing, the last 9 viewed pages when you open a new Tab; but I think I can deal without that.

    Thnx again!

  106. retep says

    For XP this is what I did: Install Firefox 4 then Install Google toolbar
    Use Notepad to open C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\extensions\{972ce4c6-7e08-4474-a285-3208198ce6fd} install.rdf.

    On line 17 Change to 10.*

    Install Firefox 10

    Toolbar will now appear in Firefox 10

    • Jimmy says

      For some reason my Firefox 10 erases the old Firefox 4 install.rdf file and resets it with its own. When I go into the new file and change to v10.*, Firefox still does not enable the Google Toolbar (Win XP Pro). Any suggestions?

  107. Max says

    Excellent! I had lost all hope… Thank you very much! I don’t understand why they don’t suggest it if it’s so simply and it works so well!!!

  108. Cristina says

    Thanks so much! I’ve been postponing updating Firefox because I would lose the Google toolbar. Your instructions were clear and it worked. Thanks.

  109. Tony says

    Same as Jack above. Worked great! FF is / has been my fav since start and GoogleToolbar has been the most useful part.

    Thanks again.

  110. Jack says

    I have Firefox setup 8.0. I somehow lost my google toolbar. I reopened the setup for 8.0, went and downloaded the last google toolbar, restarted, it somehow updated to 10 and the toolbar is there with all my settings. So using your method to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

  111. Sarah says

    Hi Abhik,

    I followed your instructions exactly but I don’t have the install.rdf file. I looked in every folder in every directory, but it’s not there. Please help! I really don’t want to downgrade to FF 4 again, but I will if I can’t get this to work :(

    Thanks in advance!

    • says

      Well, the file must be there if you already have the Toolbar installed.
      Go to run (Windows Key + R), type %APPDATA% and hit enter. That’ll bring up the Roaming Application Data folder. Then go to Mozilla> Firefox > Profiles > Default Profile. You’ll find the install.rdf file there.

  112. Jeff says

    I have several profile setup on Firefox. When I upgraded to Firefox 10.0 I can get the Google Toolbar on 2 of my profiles. On the third profile I never installed Google Toolbar. I am not trying to install it but cannot. I keep getting a message that Google Toolbar is not compatible with Firefox 10.0. Is there a workaround for this?

  113. Tony says

    I have just installed FF10.0.2, but can’t seem to make this work for me
    I’m using Win 7
    1st, I can’t find the install.rdf file in appdata, I found it in
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\extensions\{972ce4c6-7e08-4474-a285-3208198ce6fd}

    2nd, when I opened the file install.rdf, I found this

    I changed it to 10.*, 10.0*, 20.*, 20.0.*…. etc and still not working
    I even change the minVersion to 4.* and 4.0.*

    Can you help me out please, I’m desperate of having Google Toolbar working

    • says

      Go to run (Windows Key + R), type %APPDATA% and hit enter. That’ll bring up the Roaming Application Data folder. Then go to Mozilla> Firefox > Profiles > Default Profile. You’ll find the install.rdf file there.

      • Tony says

        It’s not there. There are a lot of files, but no install.rdf file in “default profile” folder for me. This is my url “C:\Users\Hanna&Tony\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\b1f8gkkn.default”

      • Tony says

        I even go to “C:\Users\Hanna&Tony\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\b1f8gkkn.default\extensions” and couldn’t find install.rdf
        I did a search and still can’t find it

        • says

          It should be there in a directory that starts with “{” under extensions.
          There will be more than one directory name starting with “{” if you have other addons installed. You need to find the folder where the Google Toolbar is installed.

          • Tony says

            My FF do not have google toolbar installed, because the first version of FF I installed is 10.0.2. Therefore I can’t install Google toolbar from the beginning.
            I checked my friend’s laptop, who also have never installed the toolbar, his laptop also do not have install.rdf in %AppData%\Roaming….

            So I was thinking of uninstall FF 10.0.2, install the older version , install the toolbar and then install the new version of FF to see if the toolbar will still there or not.
            What do you think?

          • Tony says

            I don’t have those { folder, but I have files that look like this

          • rapuz says

            @Tony: to install Google Toolbar in FF 10.0.2 you have to follow the “old” way: open a new tab, type “about:config” in Firefox addressbar and press Enter. It’ll confirm, click on “I’ll be careful, I promise! button”. Now right-click and select “New -> Boolean”. Give it name “extensions.checkCompatibility.10.0″, and set its value to “false”. Restart FF and install Google Toolbar again.
            (you can read for some other info).

  114. ruthie says

    Hi there, I have just upgraded from FF 3.6 to 10 and installed the toolbar perfectly as you suggested. Thank you. I would like to suggest that you explain how to do the AppData as this took some research. Also can you advise how to enable the “most visited” pages which shows 9 thumbnails. I have checked on google toolbar info and the part they advise to check/uncheck is not there in the options.

  115. Nanc says

    GRRRRRRR Okay – 3 hours and I still can’t get this to work…. To tired now @ 4am to even try and continue. Bookmarked page – will try again tomorrow. NOT going to happen tonight…. sad sad face…….

  116. Lik says

    I put 20. immediately, so I don’t have to do that every few weeks 😉 Because it’s Firefox10 already. Guess it works!


    • Martin says

      It’s a hidden folder under \Users\ in Windows 7. If you are on XP, then you’re looking for \Documents and Settings\\Application Data\.

  117. Seb says

    Works fine!!! THANKS!!!
    On Ubuntu 10.04 / Firefox 10 (last update)

    But I’ve tried to add some buttons onto the google toolbar and it makes freeze firefox,
    leaving the toolbar as original works fine, so use the personal toolbar to add buttons.

  118. Bernard says

    Just updated to FF 10 and lost the Google toolbar. Checked the rdf file, it was already set to 10.* I can’t enable the Google toolbar.

    Regards Bernard

    • says

      Same problem here i updated FF to ver10 and the toolbar not working. I even tried using the “Add-on Compatibility Reporter” extension still not working. In the install.rdf file Max = 10 already.

  119. Jerry says

    Thank you very much, I always test out Firefox portable before updating my installed version I was just messing with Firefox 10 portable and used your solution to install it on the portable version I moved the folder you mentioned {3112ca9c-de6d-4884-a869-9855de68056c} to the portal version updated the install.rdf and restarted Firefox portable a paged opened up on Firefox portable telling me about a new add-on and I just clicked yes and then restarted again now I have Google toolbar working perfectly. Thank you so much again.

  120. Bill Detert says

    Will this fix let me use the google toolbar function that auto translates foreign languages into English. The loss of this feature is the only thing that keeps me from upgrading from firefox 4.6 I do not know if I install the latest FF version that I can go back to 4.6.

    • says

      I just tested it and it indeed translated the whole webpage into English (US) with a single mouse click. Can someone reconfirm it?
      However, you better test it with another installation of Firefox.

  121. Matt says

    Thanks, worked for me with FF9.01 on Ubuntu 10.10, folder was at:

    look for sub-dir chrome with google-toolbar.jar in it.

    • Bob says

      How do you get Goggle Tool Bar into FF9. When I try to download message is not compatible with FF9 and nothing downloads. How do I get this process started.

  122. ashish says

    Hi abhik I am not able to find appdata folder on my computer. please help. I see google toolbar but it is blank and cannot see the search window or the toolbars in FF9.01

  123. Katie says


    I just tried the same steps which you had listed but i m unable to edit the INSTALL file as i m getting a message “ACCESS DENIED”.

    PlZ HELP ME!!

  124. Amol says

    Hi Abhik,
    Its a useful info and did worked……………. Thanks a lot ………….. Had a query – that now and even earlier my Google bookmarks are not shown from my personal PC. Even if I try to sign in it gives me a error. I am able to see the bookmarks from my office PC.
    Kindly help

  125. Erin says

    This brought my toolbar back!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    If you could update the article with the comment about run, %appdata% you gave to the last person, it would sure help some of us who aren’t as educated as we are adventurous with our computers. :-)

    Thanks again!

  126. Mi says

    please help!
    when you say : Go to your Firefox Profiles at AppData >Roaming > Mozilla> Firefox > Profiles > Default Profile > Extensions

    what does it mean? where do I find the Firefox Profiles? I don’t know what it is (in my computer or on the Firefox browser????)

  127. Cierra says

    Thank you… it works…so relieved I needed my autofill data…Worked perfectly.

    Thanks for your genius…Why can’t Google fix this mess.

  128. Jody says

    Yea! That really is amazing. Who woulda thought? It worked perfectly. The path to my install was different too, but I found it and voila! Thanks Thanks!

  129. Spock's Brain says

    You life saver, Abhik! That’s amazing. Just proves Firefox are being sneaky and don’t want us to use it. It’s basically changing two digits and that’s it. Although the path to my install file was totally different.

  130. SCG says

    Thanks it worked great except I have GTB version 7.1.20110316w instead of 7.1.20110512W and when I go to install 7.1.20110512W I get an error that it is not compatible with Firefox 9.0.1. Any suggestions on how to update GTB?

  131. M@ says

    I have had a problem with the bookmarks since FF5. What I do to over come it is this. Go to and sign in from there. It works every time. You can do the same thing for history, too.

    Hope this helps.

  132. Mauricio says

    Everything worked, i see the toolbar, however, I too cannot sign in!! The most important thing for me was my book marks… but not having the ability sign in and see my bookmarks is a bad one…

    If there is another flag that we can change to make google think we are logging in from a compatible version of firefox… by all means… i’m up for it…

  133. Rajiv says

    Great work! Was a snip for Firefox 9.0.1.
    If it is that simple, wonder why cannot Google and Firefox save us all this trouble?
    For non geeks like me who find it difficult locating the profiles folder, they can find the procedure on Firefox help.

  134. Lora says

    Hi, i cannot follow the instructions at the top as i have no clue where to find the path to follow:
    You said:
    “Go to your Firefox Profiles at AppData >Roaming > Mozilla> Firefox > Profiles > Default Profile > Extensions and look for the directory where the Google Toolbar is installed. Mine is located at {3112ca9c-de6d-4884-a869-9855de68056c} directory.”

    How and where do I find the start:
    AppData >Roaming > Mozilla> Firefox > Profiles > Default Profile > Extensions….
    (my language in FF is German, but I think you still can tell me where in the computer to find that path. Does it start in FF or elswhere in my computer?)
    Can anyone help? Thanks !

  135. Kevin says

    Thank you so much for this Abhik.  I am using FF 9.0.1 and everything works fine.  The only problem I have is that when I go to the AutoFill section, there is no longer the option for “credit cards.”  I use this feature a lot.  Is there a fix for it?  I also can’t “sign in” like other people have mentioned.  I don’t know if these two problems are related.  Any help would be great.  Either way, thanks for everything.  I love Google Toolbar!

  136. Shawn says

    For slow people like me. When editing 4.0. replace the 4.0 with the corresponding version of FireFox you are using. I changed it to 5 and it didnt work, duh it need to be 9.

  137. Samer E. says

    Thank you so much. I did not update my FF since 3.6 because of the Google toolbar. Now the vital functions i depend on are functional in FF 9.1.
    Nice work around.

  138. Adam says

    The toolbar works. However cannot use the bookmarks to import from Firefox. The bookmark tab asks me to sign in. After I sign in it ask for it every time. Does not seem to work for some reason.

      • urumberri says

        Got Mozilla 9.0.1 – did all what you said but it does not work ! I’m in Spain and may be a problem ? Anyway thanks for your eficient help, it’s the only one I did found and… Happy New Year 1020 :)

  139. Konrad says

    Thank you, Abhik…I just have a recommendation. How about instead of updating the “install.rdf” file to the latest version of FF, (eg. 9.*) just put it to 25.*? That’s what I did and it’s working perfectly fine on FF 7. That way I won’t have to go in and change the .rdf file every time that a new FF version is released. (At least all the up to version 25!)

  140. AlexB says

    Made the change and Google Toolbar appears :-), but it won’t sign me in?? Running Firefox version 9.0 with hte latest Google Toolbar version.

    Any ideas?

    • Andrew says

      It happened since Firefox 7, Google Toolbar has not been functioned normally such as cannot sign in to use Bookmark or other Google services. However, clicking the buttons (Gmail,etc.) will help you to sign in automatically!

    • RNest says

      For MAC users:
      the install.rdf can be found in the Library, and then just follow the thread:
      Library > Application Support > Firefox > Profiles > tcdbvjuh.default > extensions > {3112ca9c-de6d-4884-a869-9855de68056c} > install.rdf

      I did exactly as Abhik instructed, opened install.rdf with Text Editor, changed the max version to 10, saved and closed Text Edit.
      Then restart Firefox, and yes…. my beloved Google Toolbar was there!

      Thank you, thank you, Abhik!

      • says

        Just a note for Mac User: pay attention!!!

        The right path is:

        MacintoshHD > User > Your name > Library > Application Support > Firefox > Profiles > your folder (mine has a name like numbers and letters.default) > Extensions > {3112ca9c-de6d-4884-a869-9855de68056c} > install.rdf

        And one simple suggestion: don’t use the next version, be generous: I put until 20.*!!! It’s better! :-)


  141. Paul says

    Hello Abhik,

    Am using FireFox 8.0.1.

    Followed instructions on How to Enable Google Toolbar in Firefox.

    But unfortunately Google Toolbar is not displaying.

    Any suggestions.



    • Gary says

      Got it working in FF 7.0.1.
      First uninstalled FF 9, then installed FF 3.6.25, then installed Google Toolbar v? updated to 7.1.20110512W from Filehippo. Found install.rdf changed as per your suggestion. However my file was slightly different 2.0
      Changed to
      No 2nd line of maxVersion.
      and GT in FF7 was running.
      Thanks a lot for work around.
      Good one.

  142. R. Blereau says

    I followed instructions exactly as written. Still, FF 5.0 will not display bookmarks in my Google Toolbar. Any new ideas on how to get my Google Bookmarks back? Thanks.

  143. German Grau says

    Dear Ahbik.
    Thanks a lot for your help. First, I uninstalled FF6 replacing it with FF4.0. When Google Toolbar was downloaded I got inmmediately last version (7.1.20110512W). After changing parameter 4 to 6 in “Install.rdf” updated FF to 6.02 version and that’s it: Google Toolbar is again in FF6.02 working finely.
    Nothing bad for a +70 year old neophite.
    Thanks again

  144. German Grau says

    Hi Abhik, looks like you’re doing great but pls give some hints so I can start the procedure.
    1) In my case Google Toolbar (GT) is not shown as an addon in Firefox 6. So, how to check its version?
    2) When I try to download GT last version from Google site, Firefox prevents to install it or downloaded it.

  145. DJD says

    I am using FF6.0, and had to edit the install.rdf line to read:
    rather than “5.0” for this to work. With 5.0 as the string the toolbar was still disabled in the “about:addons”. While this makes sense, the advice tends to imply the “5.0” will work for either version.

    Otherwise, great find and thanks for sharing! It is a true crime how this was handled by Google. Shame on them for “being evil”.

    • sherry says

      hmm.. might have spoken too soon. on opening a new tab, the recently viewed pages or bookmarks screen is gone.

        • martin says

          Been having problems with getting google toolbar to work in firefox 10. Got it to work on old laptop but now new laptop cant get it to work.

          Dowloaded & installed firefox 3.6 (also tried 4) & google toolbar. Then c:/drive- programs(x86)- firefox- extentions- install.rdf ({972ce4c6-7e08-4474-a285-3208198ce6fd})- opened in notepad++, but every time i edit it & try & save it.wont let me says check if another program has this open but everything closed, BUT if i drag install.rdf file onto desktop i edited & saved changes draggeged it back but when firefox updates to 10 says google toolbar will be disabled……….so so annoying, any help much appreciate please

    • Mircea says

      Thank you.For me, this is something as same as Albert Einstein discovery .Everybody love Google Toolbar,but this is the first time when I think somebody is enough smarter to do something amazing like solving this problem.It’s working perfect in Firefox 10.01.I could not install in the first time,but after an little thinking I solved in this way:
      1 – I unpacked the mozilla 3.6 with Uniextract.In “nonlocalized’ folder I runed “firefox.exe”
      2 – I downloaded google toolbar with Internet explore to my desktop.
      3 – In Mozilla,go to File/Open file and browse to that xpi Google Toolbar from my desktop.Install Google Toolbar.
      4 – DO EXACTLY what Abhik told you to do (edit that install.rdf and modify)
      5 – Close Firefox 3.6
      7 Open Firefox 10.01 that I had allready installed.I see an notify that said i have an new extension and pushh install(allow)
      Thank you again Abhik,GOOD bless you

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