WPBoxes : A Box Type WordPress Theme

WPBoxes Screenshot

WPBoxes is a box based clean and elegant news type theme for WordPress Blogs. It gives your blog a classy and professional look with built in support for widgets, featured slideshow and search engine optimization features. Talking about the features, the WPBoxes theme unleashes some of the WordPress core features and make them better to suite the blogger's needs. It also adds some cool functionality such as search engine friendly titles and OpenGraph meta tags to your blog if you choose so. … [Read more...]

WPSimplicity: A Nice and Clean WordPress Theme

simplicity wordpress theme screenshot

WPSimplicity, my first approach towards making stylish themes for WordPress. WPSimplicity is a nice and clean theme for WordPress that not only gives your blog a classy look, but also unveils some of the WordPress’s hidden feature. The entire theme is built with WordPress’s default function which lets you get rid of some of the third party plugins. Yes, all of my plugins are in built with this theme too. Since this is my first approach (in fact, it is my third. Previous two themes that I … [Read more...]

CloudyMag WordPress Theme

CloudyMag Screenshot

Here is another theme from me and Zen from WP Themes Gallery. This is another of my unfinished theme which finally finished by Zen, like my previous 5 IN 1 CloudSky WordPress Theme. CloudMag is a fixed width, white based WordPress theme with widget and WordPress built in Post Thumbnail support. You can also customize almost everything from the CloudMag Options panel in WordPress dashboard. … [Read more...]

5 IN 1 Cloud Sky WordPress Theme

5 in 1 cloudsky wordpress theme

I used code WordPress Themes for fun and passing some of my spare time. But, when I moved to Internet Marketing, that fun disappeared from my life. I have numbers of unfinished WordPress themes in my collection and decided to finish them together with Zen from WP Themes Gallery. 5 IN 1 Cloud Sky is a fixed width theme for WordPress with Widget and WordPress Post Thumbnail Support. There are tons of options to customize the look and feel of the theme from the Theme Options page, perfect for … [Read more...]

WordPress Theme Malware

malware codes

A wordpress theme malware is mainly some extra codes hardcoded in theme's php or javascript files in order to execute malicious functions like injecting links, stealing admin data like passwords and hacks. Recently a new wordpress theme malware is found, which is mainly a piece of base64-encrypted code, in a free wordpress theme's functions.php file distributing through some freely available wordpress theme from a wordpress theme dump website. Jay wrote a long post on his blog regarding … [Read more...]

vBSEOStyle 2.0 WordPress Theme

vBSEO Style 2.0 Wordpress Theme Screenshot

vBSEO Style 2.0 Wordpress Theme It is perfect wordpress theme for bridging your vBSEOStyle 2.0 styled vbulletin forum and wordpress blog. Features: Fixed Width Light Weight Search Engine Optimized Admin Control Ads Ready (1 468x60Banner (Header), 1 250x250 Rectangle (Sidebar), 2 125x125 Rectangle (Sidebar)) Widgets and Gravatar Ready Encrypted Footer (Theme will cease to function if tempered) Feed Subscription Box with Social Icons Tested in IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari … [Read more...]