How To Setup Your Own Private Nameservers

Custom Nameservers

Last few days, I was busy helping a client upgrading his server. There was only a single post so far this month, and that was too a guest post. Sorry, didn't have a chance to write my own. Anyway, the client didn't want to use the nameserver provided by host and asked me to setup his own private nameserver. While this is entirely an optional setup, but it surely adds a great value to branding of a company. What you need is either a VPS (Virtual Private Server or Virtual Dedicated Server) … [Read more...]

Cloud Database : Advangates and Disadvantages

Cloud Database

What is Cloud Database? Cloud computing refers to the delivery of computing and storage capacity as a service to a heterogeneous community of end-recipients. Cloud computing entrusts services with a user's data, software, and computation over a network. Just as databases are required in traditional computing, they are also required in cloud computing. A cloud database also referred to as Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS), is a database that is accessible to end-recipients from the cloud and … [Read more...]

How To Integrate MaxCDN With vBulletin


A Content Delivery Network (better known as CDN) makes your website load faster, much faster than your original server loads your website. What CDN does is cache your static contents such as CSS, JavaScript and images in multiple servers across the globe. When someone loads a webpage from your website, it just serves those static contents from the nearest server thus making them load faster for that visitor. Using a CDN with your vBulletin is essential as it uses tons of static files. You can … [Read more...]

How To Increase size of /var/tmp and /tmp in CentOS


I was frequently getting an error message that the /var/tmp directory in one of my cPanel CentOS 5.5 server is full and I need to delete some data. A cronjob is already there in crontab to cleanup the temporary data periodically, but I was still getting that error. I looked at the error log and found that the tmp partition goes full when the scheduled backup runs. Therefore, I had nothing to do but increase the size of the tmp partition. After that, my server runs fine and no issues or error … [Read more...]

Protect Your Images with .htaccess Hotlink Protection

Hotlink Protection : No Hotlinking

One of my clients complained that someone is stealing his bandwidth and asked me if I can do something to stop that. It took me only fifteen minutes to fix the problem. The way someone can literally steal your bandwidth is hot linking images or other downloadable items form your website. When someone hotlink something from your website, it will load on the visitors browser from your server instead of his. This is also a direct violation of copyright laws. Fortunately, there is way to … [Read more...]

vBulletin Server Optimization Tips : Part 1

vbulletin optimization guide

One of my clients moved his vBulletin powered forum to a dedicated server. The forum was working fine after a successful migration. However, the average server load increased to 15 25 24. He was also experiencing slow page load and connection time out errors. He called me up for help and the server load decreased to normal as soon as I made some quick tweaks. Below are the optimizations I made for his vBulletin forum.   First, CHMOD the forum's root folder to 777. It gives … [Read more...]