3 Penguin Safe Link Building Methods

penguin safe link building

Soon after Google announced the Penguin Update in their algorithm, the whole concept of link building has changed. Many assumed white hat link building methods like directory submissions became gray hat and some not-so-good techniques like link networks and article spinning were become totally black hat. Here are three of the few penguin safe link building methods you can rely on and include in your SEO campaigns. To Penguin safe link building methods are the techniques of link building that … [Read more...]

2 Amazing Backlinks Checker Tools You’ll Ever Need

Backlinks Checker Tools

After all those massively discussed Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, backlinks are now playing a huge role in optimizing a website for search results. And, without some good backlinks checker tools, you are out of the game. Sadly, most of the backlinks checker tools are paid, and offers some amazing statistics that free backlinks checker tools can’t. Whether you are a professional SEO or just starting to optimize your own website, you will have to keep track of your progress, and one of … [Read more...]

Link Networks And Google – Save Your Website

Link Networks

Google doesn’t like paid links is not a secret anymore. They consistently penalizing sites with purchased links, even the big names like Forbes isn’t any exception. Lately, Google is after the Link Networks once again. They recently hunt down two big players (AlgoRank and BackLinks) in that gray-hat area and penalized the whole networks of sites that they were using to sell links. Two tweets from Matt Cuts confirming this. "There are absolutely NO footprints linking the websites together" Oh, … [Read more...]

Guest Blogging For Links? An Warning From Matt Cutts


After the Google Panda and Penguin updates, Guest Blogging is one of most adopted way to get quality backlinks and exposure. I get almost 20 requests a week for guest posts here at ItsAbhikDotCom, and that surely shows how popular this trend is. Though the guest blogging is definitely a surefire way to gain high exposure and backlinks, but like all other white hat link building techniques, overdoing this, the guest blogging, also raised a flag at Google SPAM prevention team. Matt Cutts, the head … [Read more...]

5 Amazing Tools To Spike Your International SEO


Being a SEO myself for several years, I often asked by my clients to optimize their sites to rank in various regions and countries. Neither it is as easy as it sounds, nor so difficult if you know how to do it, plus you are backed by the proper data and tools to analyze them. I use like fifteen to twenty digital tools in total for all my International SEO campaigns, but only six of them are used frequently. All of them are free, yet have the power to beat any paid software or services in terms … [Read more...]

Tips for Selecting Website Templates

Website Template

A website is a very important tool for businesses and individuals who want to share information with others, as well as promote services or products. Web templates have made it very easy for anyone to build a site by themselves, even without any technical knowledge. A web template is basically a pre-designed website which only needs to be filled with content. These templates fall into different categories: Flash templates – Such templates are usually suitable for creating visually attractive … [Read more...]