Link Networks And Google – Save Your Website

Link Networks

Google doesn’t like paid links is not a secret anymore. They consistently penalizing sites with purchased links, even the big names like Forbes isn’t any exception. Lately, Google is after the Link Networks once again. They recently hunt down two big players (AlgoRank and BackLinks) in that gray-hat area and penalized the whole networks of sites that they were using to sell links. Two tweets from Matt Cuts confirming this. "There are absolutely NO footprints linking the websites together" Oh, … [Read more...]

Social Media Sites War : Guess Who’s Winning

Social Media Sites Popularity Map

The war between Social Media sites are full on. Facebook is leading it by a mile with a whopping 62.07 percentage of popularity and the first runner up is YouTube with 10.27% of popularity. StumbleUpon is at the third place with 8.8% of share. To be very honest, I thought the golden days of SU is gone for good, but it really amazed me. While Pinterest overtakes Twitter for the first time in a calendar month (with 8.09% popularity), I guess it will overtake StumbleUpon very soon. Twitter on … [Read more...]

The New Look of ItsAbhikDotCom

ItsAbhikDotCom Load Time

Okay, I admit that it is too late for this post. But an official announcement is always worth publishing. ItsAbhikDotCom (or, I might call it IA Blog sometimes in my future blog posts) got a new look, and a new architecture too. Though the platform is still WordPress, but I have moved to Thesis Theme Framework from DIY Themes and got a new child theme designed from ThesisAwesome. I would highly appreciate your feedback about the new design. What you like and what you don't. The Reasons … [Read more...]

Google Pirate Penalty : For Too Many DMCA Complaints

Google Pirate Penalty

Are you getting too much DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedown notices in Google Webmaster Tools? You might be in trouble then. Your search rankings might go down due to a new algorithm change in this month. Starting this week, the number of valid "Notice of DMCA removal from Google Search" received for any given site in Google will be taken into account for the site's search ranking. People are calling it the "Google Pirate Penalty". In a blog post, Google's Amit Singhal stated … [Read more...]

Mobile Search Increased By 10x During Olympics : Another Reason To Go Mobile Device Optimized

Global Mobile Search Share During Olympics

If you have not optimized your website for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, then it is probably the right time to start. Why do I say this? Because within the first week of Olympics, smartphone and tablet searches approached nearly 50 percent of overall volume for Olympic related search queries. 47 percent of searches came from a mobile device in United Sates, 46 percent in United Kingdom, 45 percent in Australia and in Japan it crossed the 55 percent mark. Google recently … [Read more...]

Now You Can ‘Mute’ Google Display Ads

Google Mute This Ad

Don't you like the Adsense banner ads you are seeing while surfing your favorite site? Well, you now can 'mute' that ad with just a single click of mouse. Google just introduced 'Mute This Ad' feature to the Display Network ads which lets you get rid of an ad that you are seeing by clicking on the little X icon just after the AdChoices icon. Skipping and ad is a feature that YouTube users were enjoying since long and Google made it possible for AdWords's Display Network Ads too. Google says … [Read more...]