5 Amazing Tools To Spike Your International SEO


Being a SEO myself for several years, I often asked by my clients to optimize their sites to rank in various regions and countries. Neither it is as easy as it sounds, nor so difficult if you know how to do it, plus you are backed by the proper data and tools to analyze them. I use like fifteen to twenty digital tools in total for all my International SEO campaigns, but only six of them are used frequently. All of them are free, yet have the power to beat any paid software or services in terms … [Read more...]

How to Implement Gamification in Marketing Strategies


Gamification is a wide marketing concept that involves the use of game mechanics to attract and engage more customers to your brand. Today, more and more companies are realizing the importance of gamification and are jumping on board to make it a part of their marketing campaigns. Games work because they entice the players with progress.  With just few more points the players will reach the higher levels or their next goal, so they keep playing with the intention of reaching that … [Read more...]

Online Marketing : How Important It Is For Businesses

Online Marketing

Online marketing has become a very important part of running a business these days. A few years ago, only dotcom businesses had websites though today it is somewhat a necessity for any business to have a substantial online presence. So just how important is online marketing to businesses? We investigate. Online Marketing connects you to buyers If you own, let’s say, a business that deals in plumbing hardware, you might benefit immensely from an online marketing campaign. The simple reason for … [Read more...]

Free Marketing Methods You Shouldn’t Avoid

Free Online Marketing

Nowadays people are turning to the World Wide Web to get almost everything that they need. This is because it is a very fast and readily convenient way of shopping, marketing and even networking. Advertising and marketing has become a very expensive thing if not done on the internet. The internet provides you with a very wide market that if you use wisely can be so helpful. You can market online for free very well and be proud of your results. There are very many ways that you can use … [Read more...]

Tips for Selecting Website Templates

Website Template

A website is a very important tool for businesses and individuals who want to share information with others, as well as promote services or products. Web templates have made it very easy for anyone to build a site by themselves, even without any technical knowledge. A web template is basically a pre-designed website which only needs to be filled with content. These templates fall into different categories: Flash templates – Such templates are usually suitable for creating visually attractive … [Read more...]

How to Create a Viral Icon


If you want to become known all over the Internet, you essentially want to "go viral." This means that something you've created has become an Internet sensation and people are talking about it all over the place. How can you get to work on creating an icon, be it for your business or personal pursuits, that is viral? Read on to learn more... Offer Something Remember, people are generally interested in what an icon has to offer to them, so make sure it is attractive and pleasing in that sense. … [Read more...]