How to Create a Viral Icon


If you want to become known all over the Internet, you essentially want to "go viral." This means that something you've created has become an Internet sensation and people are talking about it all over the place. How can you get to work on creating an icon, be it for your business or personal pursuits, that is viral? Read on to learn more... Offer Something Remember, people are generally interested in what an icon has to offer to them, so make sure it is attractive and pleasing in that sense. … [Read more...]

Secrets That Successful Bloggers Don’t Want to Tell You


Many of us dream about becoming a successful blogger, able to quit our day jobs and live solely off the earnings from our very own web site. It’s certainly not easy, but a handful of people have been able to do just that through hard work, dedication and often a little bit of luck thrown in. Little wonder these bloggers don’t want to share their secrets. Blogging is a competitive profession, where chasing page views and advertisers is as much a full-time job as working at an SEO company. Here … [Read more...]

Money Making Blogs – Must Haves and Important Factors

money making blogs

This article is set out in three stages. The first stage sets out all the things that are useful to money making blogs. The second stage sets out the things that are vitally important for those  money making blogs. They are not things that make money, but are things that you cannot make money on a blog without. You can fill your blog with hundreds of money makers, but if you don’t have most (if not all) of the important elements listed on this article, you are doomed to failure. Finally, there … [Read more...]

Working from Home : How to Be Successful By Sticking to Search Engine Algorithms


Working from Home : Greater Opportunity Online Many people nowadays no longer choose to work in companies that ask them to work eight hours a day for just a minimum wage. With the advent of high technology many jobs have been offered in the web which allows you to work in the comfort of your own home at your own time. Varied online jobs have been offered as well as many have also been able to open up their own site and earn much from it. Almost all technologically inclined persons who have … [Read more...]

Ways to Save Money on Amazon


One of the best places where online shopping could be easily done is Amazon. It actually sells most of the things you could even think of, starting from furniture up to the books. This superstore is very much simple and a one-stop shop with the very fast options in terms of delivery, so as with the other discounted items. For one to make the most of your shopping spree to Amazon, here the saving tips for you to consider: 1- Freebies You must take the advantage of getting free E-books that you … [Read more...]

Build And Flip Small Niche Sites For Quick Cash

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Niche Site Flipping is one of the oldest trick in book for making money online. It is not only easier than any other tricks that people are using these days, but also a lot safer and can return a huge benefit on your investment. Google literally slapped some of the niche website owners by rolling out the Exact Match Domain (EMD) algorithm update recently. But, that’s just not enough for keeping people detained from making this type of website and make money online. If you know what to do, you … [Read more...]