How To Make Money From Your Blog


Do you blog for money, or make money from blogging? Either way, you need to monetize your blog first. Most of us think monetizing is super easy, all you need is putting up ad units from ad networks and as soon as the ads start to show up you are earning money. This is actually not that easy, monetization takes a lot of monitoring and tweaks. You need to find the best position for your ads as well as the best ad network. However, the basic idea is same. In this blog post, I am going to tell … [Read more...]

FREE WordPress Installation Service

Free Wordpress Installation Service

One of the most common excuse I come across from people I know who are still using BlogSpot (or other free hosted blogging platform) is that they have absolutely no idea what WordPress is or do not know how to install WordPress on own domain. This is natural for new bloggers as most of them don't have any technical background. Terms like domain registrations, FTP, cPanel, MySQL Database goes well over their head. Because of these, many potential blogger would never start professional … [Read more...]

How To Integrate MaxCDN With vBulletin


A Content Delivery Network (better known as CDN) makes your website load faster, much faster than your original server loads your website. What CDN does is cache your static contents such as CSS, JavaScript and images in multiple servers across the globe. When someone loads a webpage from your website, it just serves those static contents from the nearest server thus making them load faster for that visitor. Using a CDN with your vBulletin is essential as it uses tons of static files. You can … [Read more...]

How To Make Money From Pinterest


The day before yesterday, Zac Johnson posted about a spammer named Steve claiming of making $1000 per day from Pinterest, the latest craze in social bookmarking trend. That guy finally came out and retracted his comments, saying the whole thing was a hoax after getting huge media coverage from sites like Mashable, MSNBC and many more. Hoax or not, this seems to be a great idea for making money from the latest crazes. After being asked in an interview, the guy admitted that the process he was … [Read more...]