How To Display Image Captions Only On Hover

Display Image Captions Only On Hover

Image captions are probably the most neglected part for an attached image in WordPress. Most of the blogs I follow either do not use captions or style them to display underneath the image. Though it doesn’t have any impact on ranking the image in search engines (alt tag does) but, if used, captions can be useful to increase keyword density as well as optimize the content for a better search engine visibility. I normally don’t use image captions here in this blog (which I should, and you too) … [Read more...]

4 Ways To Convert Partial RSS To Full Text RSS Feed

rss feed

Truncated (or Summery) RSS feeds can be a low down if you are using RSS readers to read updates from your favorite blogs or news services. Truncated RSS feeds are those which show only the headline and an excerpt from the content with a link to the full article. From a reader’s point of view, this is really a bad user experience and from a webmaster’s view serving truncated feed, this may help you to lose some loyal readers. However, it is possible to convert those feeds into full text RSS feed … [Read more...]

4 Tips To Be A Better Blogger

4 tips to be a better blogger

You got to admit that blogging is super easy. If it’s not, then there wouldn’t be millions of blogs out there in the internet. Right, right? But the fact is about 70% of them are dead. Yes, they are the blogs that no one reads, not even the search engine spiders. And then there are about 10% of blogs read only by friends and families. Out of the rest, only a handful of people are successfully running their blogs that gets read by thousands of people every day. We call them the real … [Read more...]

The End of Guest Blogging – Whitehat Turned Blackhat

end of guest blogging

Guest Blogging for SEO and Link Building is no more an accepted policy for Google, announced by Matt Cutts putting the final nail to the coffin. While he warned people and agencies who do a lot of low quality guest blogging to get backlinks, he also said that the scope is still open for those who are into guest blogging for exposure, building a brand or just trying to reach a broader audience. This is all about people offering guest blogging as the link building technique. With more and more … [Read more...]

5 Steps To Blogging Success : Make Your Own Success Story

target audience

A successful blogger is the one who known by his blog, a blog that gets read by thousands of people every day, a blog that has enormous user interaction and reader base. That is what the blogging success is, and it's not an easy thing to achieve. Most people often start a blog to earn quick money, with some get rich quick scheme in mind, but this is not how things work. Blogging success is a process that takes time, dedication, hard work and a solid plan to follow. Most people often fail, … [Read more...]

Create Custom Page Template In Genesis Framework

custom page template in genesis

If you are using Genesis Framework and need a custom page template in Genesis child theme, you are simply out of luck. Genesis by default offers two custom page template, "Blog" and "Archive" in addition to the "Default" template. Creating a custom page template in Genesis is completely different than creating a custom page template in any WordPress parent or child theme. Genesis is based on hooks, a lot of hooks, and you need to depend on them to create your custom page template in Genesis … [Read more...]