MaxBlogPress Birthday Celebration : Help Yourself


MaxBlogPress, the developer of a few popular most WordPress plugins, celebrating their 6th birthday on September 7, 2013 and you are invited to join the party. If you are a regular blogger or an internet marketer, you may already heard of Ninja Affiliate or Subscriber Magnet, the two widely used plugins in WordPress blogs. Most of the pro bloggers and IM gurus like John Chow or Pat Flynn or ShoeMoney uses MaxBlogPress plugins on their blog and wrote some nice posts on how these plugins from … [Read more...]

Five Things You Shouldn’t Do As An Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

When I first started affiliate marketing, I used to be like many of you. Too much ambitious, generous and in need of some quick money. That forced me to do things I shouldn’t have done. Though I have managed to survive, but many of you might not. I am about to suggest you five things that you shouldn’t do as an affiliate marketer. Though these mistakes cost me money, but helped me to learn many things that I could never know. Just trying to share my mistakes so that you don’t replicate … [Read more...]

Get The Most Out of Your Broadcast Messages

email marketing target

Open rate and the CTR are definitely two of the most important elements of concern for every email campaign. If you are into email marketing, you might noticed that getting open rates above 25% and CTR above 50% is very tough even if you are offering interesting content. Let me tell you something here, CTR is not based on your number of sent emails. It is the ratio of the number of clicks on the link within the body of the email and the number of opens. For example, if 5 of your subscribers … [Read more...]

Affiliate Marketing Basics

The internet has really allowed people to take full advantage of making money and being at home through affiliate marketing. However, if you are going to try to take advantage of the affiliate marketing market you are going to need to make sure that you know all of the best tips. I’ve been able to make a pretty good living with affiliate marketing and my website and blog page, however, it took me a lot of affiliate marketing tips to be sure that I got all of the information that I needed to … [Read more...]

Internet Marketing Tips

internet marketing tips

Few months back when I started my own online business, I thought that this is it and now even I would also be able to earn loads of money through it. Soon however, problems occurred and I realized that it is getting difficult to survive in this dynamic online market. The landscape of online business is always shifting. It is therefore necessary for online business entrepreneurs to be in line with new developments in this market. Recently I came across an amazing internet based tool. This highly … [Read more...]

How to Create Segments for Your List in Aweber

Aweber Trial Offer

At some point, among your total subscribers, you will need to send a broadcast message only to people who meets some criteria, like to people who opened your last message or who are from United States only. There the List Segmentation feature from Aweber comes handy. What is List Segmentation? Segmenting of your list is like grouping subscribers into subgroups based on some criteria. The main purpose of it is to send customized email to subscribers who qualified for something by meeting a … [Read more...]