Blog Promotion – 10 strategies I Use To Increase Blog Traffic

Lots of people are going to give you advice on blog promotion and how to increase web traffic. You are liable to see the same information, time and time again, with very little difference. So to save you the time of looking over a number of websites, here are ten basic ways of blog promotion and getting more blog traffic. Read these and it will save you the effort of skim reading through thirty or forty pages of articles and advice.

1 → Social Bookmarking
This is a system where you submit the ULR of your blog and people visit you from social media sites. Using a social bookmaking service is also a great way of getting your blog posts indexed quicker. It perhaps is the most used method for blog promotion in this web 2.0 era.

2 → Ask Questions
If you make it easy for people to comment on your blog then you will find that asking them a question is a great way to bump up your traffic amounts. Besides the obvious SEO benefits of people commenting on your blog, you also appeal to peoples vanity and their need to be heard. All you need to do is ask a question at the end of your blog and people will answer it.

3 → Write Quality Content
This is a no-brainer that quality content is the must have strategy in your blog promotion campaign; if you post quality content then people are more likely to visit than if you post a load of old crap. However, you should think about focusing your topics and genre a little more–if you wish to gain repeat readership.

4 → Promote Yourself on Facebook and Twitter
Don’t be a car salesman about it, but make your blog known on your social media sites. Do things such as discussing your most recent blog post on your social media site. If you want to be a little more literal about it then try posting a bit of your blog post onto your social media site. Make it a little bit like a preview of your blog.

5 → Leave Comments On Other Blogs
This is a good way to get attention for your blog if the other blog allows you to post a link on it. You can siphon a little bit of their traffic onto your blog. If the other blog allows you to post links then take advantage of it, but make sure that you add a reasonably decent comment. If the blog owner gets too much spam then he or she is liable to instigate a no-link or no-follow policy on links within his/her blog. A do-follow link from other blogs not only helps in blog promotion, but also carries a huge weight in search engine optimization.

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6 → Use Online Forums
If you get involved in the online community then you will soon find that the rewards will come to you. Google even suggests that if you are just starting out as a blogger that you take part in the chitter-chatter of the online community, and forums are a great way of initial blog promotion.

7 → Guest Post
You should write guest posts for blogs those has a related theme or niche. If the subject of your blog is similar to that of another one then not only will you gain a stronger link, you are also more likely to gain relevant traffic. The people attending their blog are likely to be interested in the content of your blog, so you will get more direct traffic.

8 → Email Signature
All you need to do is set up your email account so that every message you send has an email signature at the bottom. The signature should contain your blogs URL, and maybe even a short description or tag line for your blog. You could even add your blogs logo if you have one. Remember not to send mass emails with your blog’s link in it as mass emails might trigger the spam filter and negatively affect your blog promotion campaigns.

9 → Ask The Reader
Ask your current readers for topics that they would like to see. Ask your friends and followers on social media. You may even be able to start a poll about what you should post about. If people have a small impact on your blog (even an insignificant one), they are still likely to look at your blog post.

10 → Put A Link In The RSS Feed
Make sure that you have an RSS feed that people are able to join, and then make sure that when you publish your work that it appears as an alert on peoples RSS feed. You could then sign up for your own RSS feed to see what the user sees. There are other benefits of putting your link in your RSS feed, like if someone scraps your contents through RSS, you could get a bonus backlink, which surely help in your passive blog promotion.

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  1. says

    I don’t say social networks are not good, they are good they get results for businesses. But people on fb need to be handle with fun. They don’t care if you directly notify them about your newest post. I found when it comes to fb, businesses and individuals often keeps and serve things in a spicy way, and that works. That works in a sense, that you can show people that you have 5000 likes for your website, but that may not be helping you in selling your product. And we should also remember that fb has started ‘Promote’ option, so that you can pay and promote. As we know that most of the most of the news feed doesn’t reach to audience.

  2. says

    It’s normal to promote your blog because you know for yourself (as a blogger) you’ve worked hard on every single letter that completes your blog. I suggest to first promote it to the people/community you’ve always looked upon. Maybe, there’s a chance they might promote it too.

  3. says

    You have mentioned some very helpful methods, my person favourite ones are blog commenting, forum posting and guest posting. I have tried social media promoting but have seen very little success.

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